Fantasy comedy series
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Sam Porter is a misanthropic fantasy novelist whose best friend is his pet
dog Amis. While at a book signing in Totnes High Street, three people, whom Sam
presumes are hard-core fantasy fans dressed in full costume, kidnap Amis. Sam
fights them and during the fight, both Sam and Amis end up in an actual fantasy
world - Lower Earth.

Sam learns that the three kidnappers, Vidar the Elf Lord, Penthiselea the
Warrior Princess and Dean the Dwarf kidnapped Amis for he is "The Chosen
One" who will find The Sword of Asnagar, a mythical weapon of great power,
"for whosoever wields the sword shall rule all of Lower Earth".

Thus the band of warriors take Amis, now transformed into a human form but
with the same mannerisms, to find the sword, but the condition that Sam comes
with them. As they travel however, the forces of evil are constantly watching
them, led by the sinister, cunning and laid back Lord Darkness with help from
his more violent assistant Kreech.

In Series 4, as they continue their search for the Sword of Asnagar, the
Questers find themselves travelling through more dangerous kingdoms.

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  1. The Chosen One (0Mb)
  2. The Search for Amis (0Mb)
  3. The Tower of Tests (0Mb)
  4. The Distress call (0Mb)
  5. The Oracle of Fenrog (0Mb)
  6. The Rock of Sorrows (0Mb)
  7. The Sword of Asnagar (0Mb)
  8. The Evil Sorcerer Dietica (0Mb)
  9. Vidar's Love Potion (0Mb)
  10. Lord Darkness (0Mb)
  11. Emperor Jackie (0Mb)
  12. Good vs Evil (0Mb)
  13. Giant's Castle (0Mb)
  14. Ragner Half-tooth (0Mb)
  15. Mines at Grazak-Dun (0Mb)
  16. King Baldwin the Jovial (0Mb)
  17. White Wizard (0Mb)
  18. Beacon of Doom (0Mb)
  19. Queen Eleanor (0Mb)
  20. Magnificent Five (0Mb)
  21. Fat Hog (0Mb)
  22. The Bard (0Mb)
  23. Underworld (0Mb)
  24. Great Escape (0Mb)

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