Exploring Tomorrow

1950s science fiction anthology
from archive.org

This 1957-58 Science Fiction Anthology show was broadcast over the Mutual Broadcasting network and Narrated by John Campbell, Jr. Included here are 26 of the 29 episodes that were made.

  1. Convict (7.5Mb)
  2. Country Boy (2.9Mb)
  3. Desert Object (aka Nago) (4.2Mb)
  4. Dreams (4.6Mb)
  5. First Contact (9Mb)
  6. First Men on the Moon (aka The Moon is New) (4.3Mb)
  7. Flashback (3.1Mb)
  8. The Happiness Effect (aka The Gift) (9.1Mb)
  9. The Last Doctor (3.9Mb)
  10. The Liar (9.3Mb)
  11. Made In Avack (aka Fair Fight) (14.6Mb)
  12. The Mimic (4Mb)
  13. The Mutant (16.9Mb)
  14. The Martian Queen (aka Sound Decision) (4.4Mb)
  15. Overpopulation (8.6Mb)
  16. Planet of Geniuses (8.9Mb)
  17. The Secret (With All the Trappings) (4.6Mb)
  18. The Stowaway (4.1Mb)
  19. Telepathic (4.5Mb)
  20. Time Heals (5.5Mb)
  21. Time Traveler (aka Meddler's Moon) (8.1Mb)
  22. The Trouble with Robots (aka The Hunting Lodge) (3.4Mb)
  23. Venus Diamond Mountain (4.7Mb)
  24. Vincent Deem 1997 (The Man From The Past) (4Mb)
  25. The First Baby in Space (aka Space Baby) (4.7Mb)
  26. The Adventure of the Beauty Queen (4.6Mb)

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