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1990s comedy homage to adventure series from the 1960s and 70s
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A tongue-in-cheek radio homage to those gloriously tacky action adventure series from the 60s and 70s.

"The Avengers had style and wit," says writer Chris England "and some of the stories were completely off the wall. There was one episode about an organisation that could make household cats attack at will. Some of them are funnier than anything you could dream up for a comedy show!"

Episode 1 - The Preventers
The Preventers are an elite, stylish, polo-neck-wearing threesome of international trouble-shooters.
Craig Sturdy, suave and charming; Penelope Cold, enigmatic and foreign and Mike Stallion - the third one.

Episode 2 - Return of The Preventers
In the opening episode, evil mastermind Mordick was destroyed when Atlantasia exploded.
Or was he?
Could he have escaped by laser beam?
Will he bid to take over the world again, or can he be prevented?
Call for the trio of international trouble-shooters?
Yes! It's the return of the Preventers.

Episode 3 - Curtis & Ballard (Deceased)
Curtis and Ballard work as a pair of private detectives - but when Ballard is killed by a hit and run steam roller, he returns as a ghost to help his partner solve crimes.

Episode 4 - I Am Not A Number
Number 48 doesn't want to be a free man.
He wants to stay in the village - but they keep chucking him out!

Originally presented at the Edinburgh Festival, the series was written by and starred Neil Mullarkey, Morwenna Banks, Chris England and John Irwin.
With: Ed Devereaux, Desmond Llewelyn, Emma Myant, Irina Brook, Robert Harley and Lee Simpson

  1. The Preventers (26.5Mb)
  2. The Return Of The Preventers (26.3Mb)
  3. Curtis & Ballard Deceased (26.6Mb)
  4. I Am Not A Number (26.4Mb)

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