Fags, Mags and Bags

Sitcom set in a Scots-Asian corner shop
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Sitcom written by and starring Sanjeev Kohli and Donald Mcleary, set in a
Scots-Asian corner shop near Glasgow.

Join the staff of Fags, Mags and Bags in their tireless quest to bring
nice-price custard creams and cans of coke with Arabic writing on them to an
ungrateful nation. Ramesh Mahju has built it up over the course of over 30
years and is a firmly entrenched, friendly presence in the local area.

Ramesh loves the art of the 'shop'. However; he does apply the 'low return'
rules of the shop to all other aspects of his life. Ramesh is ably assisted by
his shop sidekick Dave, a forty-something underachiever who shares Ramesh's
love of the art of shopkeeping, even if he is treated like a slave.

Then there are Ramesh's sons Sanjay and Alok, both surly and not
particularly keen on the old school approach to shopkeeping, but natural
successors to the business. Ramesh is keen to pass all his worldly wisdom onto
them - whether they like it or not!

  1. (s01 e01) 'Raising Keenan' (12.4Mb)
  2. (s01 e02) 'The De-Magowaning of Ramesh' (12.8Mb)
  3. (s01 e03) 'Wall of Crisps' (12.8Mb)
  4. (s01 e04) 'Build The Titanic' (12.9Mb)
  5. (s01 e05) 'The Festival of Maltodextrin' (13Mb)
  6. (s01 e06) 'January, February' (13Mb)
  7. (s02 e01) 'Beansy, Beansy, Beansy, Beansy, Beansy' (12.8Mb)
  8. (s02 e02) 'Skeletor Attack' (12.9Mb)
  9. (s02 e03) 'Rameshtonite' (12.9Mb)
  10. (s02 e04) 'All the best' (12.9Mb)
  11. (s02 e05) 'Cousin Wacko' (12.9Mb)
  12. (s02 e06) 'Confectionary MacEnroe' (12.8Mb)
  13. (s03 e01) 'Jack Black's Black Jacks' (12.8Mb)
  14. (s03 e02) 'Mr Majhu goes to Lenzie' (12.7Mb)
  15. (s03 e03) 'The Wrath of Khan' (12.8Mb)
  16. (s03 e04) 'The Lenzie Splicer' (12.7Mb)
  17. (s03 e05) 'Bacon Punctuation' (12.7Mb)
  18. (s03 e06) 'The fall of Phallon and the rise of Bugatox' (12.6Mb)
  19. (s04 e01) 'Foam Wizards' (12.7Mb)
  20. (s04 e02) 'Magical Mister Murgatroyd' (12.7Mb)
  21. (s04 e03) 'The Bewerdine Spectrum' (12.7Mb)
  22. (s04 e04) 'Evil Narbara' (12.6Mb)
  23. (s04 e05) 'Ayabassa Alan' (12.7Mb)
  24. (s04 e06) 'John Craven's Fjällräven' (12.7Mb)
  25. (s05 e01) 'Hovering Chops' (12.7Mb)
  26. (s05 e02) 'General Whitesnake Demeanour' (12.7Mb)
  27. (s05 e03) 'Effervescent Members' (12.5Mb)
  28. (s05 e04) 'Carnaptious Scroosh' (12.6Mb)
  29. (s05 e05) 'Turn around Dave Eyes' (12.7Mb)
  30. (s05 e06) 'Meter Reader Chic' (12.6Mb)
  31. (s06 e01) 'Chickpea Landslide' (12.6Mb)
  32. (s06 e02) 'Schrodinger's Birkenstock Interface Situation' (12.7Mb)
  33. (s06 e03) 'Glamper, Camper, Pamper, Hamper' (12.7Mb)
  34. (s06 e04) 'Crispquilibrium' (12.8Mb)
  35. (s06 e05) 'Downton Abbey Voice changer Helmet' (12.6Mb)
  36. (s06 e06) 'Operation Voldemort Scrape-Away' (12.7Mb)
  37. (s07 e01) 'Burger, Burger, Burger, Burger, Burger' (12.7Mb)
  38. (s07 e02) 'Wizardy Lizardy Gubbins' (12.7Mb)
  39. (s07 e03) 'Cumulus Nimbus' (12.7Mb)
  40. (s07 e04) 'Begrudging a Crunchie' (12.7Mb)
  41. (s08 e01) 'A Song for Lenzie' (12.7Mb)
  42. (s08 e02) 'The Rubington's Doobrery 9000' (12.6Mb)
  43. (s08 e03) 'Lenzie has fallen' (12.7Mb)
  44. (s08 e04) 'Ladychase' (12.6Mb)
  45. (s09 e01) 'Hamster Gamut' (12.6Mb)
  46. (s09 e02) 'Bishop's Finger' (63.7Mb)
  47. (s09 e03) 'The Mike Leigh Theory' (12.6Mb)
  48. (s09 e04) 'Soup Murder' (12.6Mb)

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