Fags, Mags and Bags
Sitcom set in a Scots-Asian corner shop

Join the staff of Fags, Mags and Bags in their tireless quest to bring nice-price custard creams and cans of coke with Arabic writing on them to an ungrateful nation. Fags, Mags and Bags is a Scottish radio comedy broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Set in a Scots-Asian corner shop, its first series was nominated for a Sony Radio Award.

The writers, Sanjeev Kohli and Donald McLeary, received a Writers Guild Award in November 2008 for Radio Comedy of the Year.

Cast: Sanjeev Kohli as Ramesh Majhu, Donald McLeary as Dave Legg, Omar Raza as Sanjay Majhu, Kayvan Novak as Alok Majhu (series 1), Susheel Kumar as Alok Majhu (series 2-7)

Characters: Ramesh Majhu - Ramesh is a middle-aged shopkeeper, born in India but a long-term resident of the Glasgow suburb of Lenzie. He has been the proprietor of the local convenience store Fags, Mags & Bags for over 30 years. In the episode 'Evil Narbara' from series four, Ramesh reveals that he opened the store on the same day the Double Decker chocolate bar was launched. Dave Legg - Dave is Ramesh's best friend and assistant at Fags, Mags & Bags. An amiable man in his forties, he has worked for Ramesh for many years and shares his enthusiasm for all things "shop" and the music of Barbara Dickson. Dave has a talent for creating compound words, and also attempted to popularise the catchphrase Five Alive with limited success.Alok MajhuRamesh's elder son sees himself as a forward thinking entrepreneur and tends to conduct conversations in marketing jargon. Alok views his father's low-return empire with disdain and is engaged in an ongoing and futile attempt to drag his father's shop upmarket. Sanjay Majhu - Ramesh's youngest son is in his late teens and shares his brother's disdain for the world of low-return retail. However unlike Alok this is due to teenage apathy and general surliness rather than a desire to pursue a high flying business career. Sanjay litters his conversation with SMS language and contemporary slang and treats customers with scarcely disguised indifference.

Producer: Gus Beattie for Gusman Productions. A Comedy Unit production for BBC Radio 4.

The latest series, the 8th, was broadcast in 2018.

  1. S01 - E01 - Raising Keenan (24.9Mb)
  2. S01 - E02 - The De-Magowarning Of Ramesh (25.6Mb)
  3. S01 - E03 - Wall Of Crisps (25.6Mb)
  4. S01 - E04 - Build The Titanic (25.8Mb)
  5. S01 - E05 - The Festival Of Maltodextrin (25.9Mb)
  6. S01 - E06 - January, February (26.1Mb)
  7. S02 - E01 - Beansy, Beansy, Beansy, Beansy, Beansy (25.7Mb)
  8. S02 - E02 - Skeletor Attack (25.9Mb)
  9. S02 - E03 - Rameshtonite (25.8Mb)
  10. S02 - E04 - All The Best (25.8Mb)
  11. S02 - E05 - Cousin Wacko (25.8Mb)
  12. S02 - E06 - Confectionary McEnroe (25.6Mb)
  13. S03 - E01 - Jack Black's Black Jacks (25.5Mb)
  14. S03 - E02 - Mr Majhu Goes To Lenzie (25.5Mb)
  15. S03 - E03 - The Wrath Of Khan (25.5Mb)
  16. S03 - E04 - The Lenzie Splicer (25.4Mb)
  17. S03 - E05 - Bacon Punctuation (25.5Mb)
  18. S03 - E06 - The Fall Of Phallon And The Rise Of Bugatox (25.3Mb)
  19. S04 - E01 - Sweetie Design Competition (25.4Mb)
  20. S04 - E02 - Pennywise Empire (25.4Mb)
  21. S04 - E03 - The Bewerdine Spectrum (25.4Mb)
  22. S04 - E04 - Evil Narbara (25.3Mb)
  23. S04 - E05 - Ayabassa Alan (25.4Mb)
  24. S04 - E06 - Ramesh 50th (25.4Mb)
  25. S05 - E01 - Hovering Chops (25.3Mb)
  26. S05 - E02 - General Whitesnake Demeanour (25.4Mb)
  27. S05 - E03 - Effervescent Members (25Mb)
  28. S05 - E04 - Carnaptious Scroosh (25.2Mb)
  29. S05 - E05 - Turn Around Dave Eyes (25.5Mb)
  30. S05 - E06 - Meter Reading Chic (25.3Mb)
  31. S06 - E01 - Chickpea Landslide (30.5Mb)
  32. S06 - E02 - Schrodingers Birkenstock Interface Situation (30.5Mb)
  33. S06 - E03 - Glamper Camper Pamper Hamper (30.4Mb)
  34. S06 - E04 - Crispquilibrium (30.5Mb)
  35. S06 - E05 - Downton Abbey Voice Changer Helmet (30.5Mb)
  36. S06 - E06 - Operation Voldemort Scrape-Away (30.5Mb)
  37. S07 - E01 - Burger, Burger, Burger, Burger, Burger (31.7Mb)
  38. S07 - E02 - Wizardy Lizardy Gubbins (31.6Mb)
  39. S07 - E03 - Cumulus Nimbus (31.7Mb)
  40. S07 - E04 - Begrudging a Crunchie (31.7Mb)
  41. S08 - E01 - A Song for Lenzie (25.5Mb)
  42. S08 - E02 - The Rubingtons Doobrery 9000 (25.4Mb)
  43. S08 - E03 - Lenzie Has Fallen (25.5Mb)
  44. S08 - E04 - Ladychase (25.4Mb)

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