Fat Chance

Sitcom about a slimming club
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Graham joins the members of a slimming club run by Wendy Bottomley.

Jenny McDade's high-fat bittersweet five-part comedy - for those believing there's a thin person inside them begging to get out.

Graham Pitscottie ..... Gareth Corke
Wendy Bottomley ..... Janine Duvitski
Clive Bottomley ..... Michael Troughton
Soo Pitscottie ..... Anne Reid
Tina Tattersall ..... Julia Deakin
Kelly Chambers ..... Tilly Gaunt
Lee Dubs ..... Harry Myers
Mrs Enright ..... Frances Jeater

Producer: Sally Avens

  1. Weigh In With Wendy (45Mb)
  2. Celebrity Square (45Mb)
  3. Weighty Matters (44.9Mb)
  4. Secrets And Lies (44.9Mb)
  5. Better Wed Than Dead (44.9Mb)

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