This is Your FBI

1940s true-story crime drama series endorsed by the FBI
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This Is Your FBI was a radio crime drama which aired in the United States on ABC from April 6, 1945 to January 30, 1953 for a total of 409 shows. The show featured true cases from FBI, and told from an agent's viewpoint. FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover gave it his endorsement, considering it "Our Show" and calling it "the finest dramatic program on the air".

The shows would involve everything from crackdowns on organized crime, or stories of individual lawbreakers. Some were well know crimes being worked on during that time period. The agents handled cases involving fraud, petty crime and professional crooks, as well as clearing those falsely accused. The stories shifted during the half-hour between the criminal's actions and the agent's account of the investigation follow-up.

First appearing February of 1946, a fictitious agent, Jim Taylor played by Stacy Harris; however, he would not become the regular agent on air until the production moved from New York to Hollywood in 1948.

Producer-director Jerry Devine was given access to FBI closed case files by Hoover, who would dramatize the stories. Devine would keep up to date on the latest methods with twice a year trips to the FBI. Narration was handled by Frank Lovejoy, Dean Carleton and William Woodson. Members of the cast along with Harris were Betty White, William Conrad, Herb Ellis, Michael Ann Barrett, Carleton Young, Georgia Ellis, Jay C. Flippen, and many other stars of the time.

There were other shows which would dramatize crime investigations, such as Gangbusters, Mr. District Attorney, and The FBI in Peace and War; however, the Peace and War stories were not always authentic. Later shows which would take the idea of authentic treatment of a true story and tell it well were Dragnet and Tales of The Texas Rangers.

This Is Your FBI was sponsored during its entire run by the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States.

Information for this synopsis was derived from numerous sources, including John Dunning's Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio, and from Wikipedia.

From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. See "Notes" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

  1. Espionage (27Mb)
  2. Kidnapping - Shotgun Hadley (20.4Mb)
  3. Escaped POWs - Paul Tanner (27.1Mb)
  4. The Confidence Game - William Roscoe (27Mb)
  5. War Fraud - Andrew Rockland, War Profiteer (27Mb)
  6. Grand Larceny - Daniel Holly, Thief (27Mb)
  7. Draft Dodging - Dr Woodbury (27.1Mb)
  8. Bank Robbery - Phil Bardo, Arthur Clinton (27Mb)
  9. Espionage - Cora Lee Williamson, Spy (27.1Mb)
  10. The Confidence Game - British Farm Equipment, Ltd (20.4Mb)
  11. Auto Theft - Charles Meade (20.4Mb)
  12. Murder - John Dixon (27Mb)
  13. Espionage - File on Cajunko (20.4Mb)
  14. Misery Chiseling (27Mb)
  15. Extortion (27.1Mb)
  16. Robert Perry, Impersonator (23.1Mb)
  17. Robert Perry, Impersonator (20.4Mb)
  18. Bank Robbery (20.5Mb)
  19. Fugitive Killer - The Scientific Conviction (27Mb)
  20. The Strange Extortion (27Mb)
  21. The House on 92nd Street (20.4Mb)
  22. The Marriage Racket (27Mb)
  23. The Serviceman's Fraud (27.1Mb)
  24. The Desert Dictator (27Mb)
  25. The Bogus Bankruptcy (20.3Mb)
  26. The Allotment Swindle (27.1Mb)
  27. The Bobby Sox Bandit (27Mb)
  28. The Big Breakout (27.1Mb)
  29. Pearl Harbor (27Mb)
  30. The Highway Hi-Jacker (27.1Mb)
  31. The Sorrowful Swindler (27Mb)
  32. Murder on the High Seas (27.1Mb)
  33. Crime in the Roaring 20's (27Mb)
  34. The Innocent Killer (27.1Mb)
  35. The Cold Blooded Kidnapper (27Mb)
  36. The Unwelcome Guest (27.1Mb)
  37. The Sinister Souvenir (27Mb)
  38. The Cautious Killer (27Mb)
  39. The Corrupt City (26.6Mb)
  40. The Pan American Patriots (26.6Mb)
  41. The Castaway Killer (20.3Mb)
  42. The Skyway Swindle (27.1Mb)
  43. The Paroled Killer (26.6Mb)
  44. The Wasteland Hideout (20.4Mb)
  45. The Bogus War Bride (20.3Mb)
  46. The Delinquent Parents (26.5Mb)
  47. The Nylon Hijacker (26.6Mb)
  48. The Swampland Kidnapping (20.3Mb)
  49. Salesman of Espionage (20.2Mb)
  50. The Singing Swindler (27Mb)
  51. The Carnival Killing (26.6Mb)
  52. The Fugitive Horse Player (26.6Mb)
  53. The Homicide Hideout (26.6Mb)
  54. The Slaughterhouse Swindlers (26.6Mb)
  55. The Sinister Lighthouse (20.5Mb)
  56. Flowers for the Corpse (20.5Mb)
  57. The Friendly Killers (20.4Mb)
  58. The Surplus Swindle (20.5Mb)
  59. The Sinister Shakedown (26.6Mb)
  60. Death in the Tropics (20.1Mb)
  61. The Walkie-Talkie Stick-Up (26.6Mb)
  62. The Sinister Witness (26.6Mb)
  63. The Would Be Movie Star (26.6Mb)
  64. Lady of Larceny (20.2Mb)
  65. The Friendly Hitchhiker (20.2Mb)
  66. The Careless Kidnapper (20.4Mb)
  67. The Return of the Mob (26.6Mb)
  68. Murder on the Range (20.5Mb)
  69. Death for a Draft Dodger (26.6Mb)
  70. The Diamond Studded Double-Cross (20.5Mb)
  71. The Night of Terror (20.5Mb)
  72. The Curious Coin Collector (20.4Mb)
  73. The Sugar Swindler (20.4Mb)
  74. The Big Shakedown (20.4Mb)
  75. The Honest Embezzler (20.4Mb)
  76. Blueprint for Murder (26.6Mb)
  77. The Frightened Fugitive (26.6Mb)
  78. Murder by Accident (26.6Mb)
  79. The Return of the Killer (26.6Mb)
  80. Danger in the Jury Box (26.6Mb)
  81. Operation Rhumba (26.6Mb)
  82. The Swampland Killer (26.6Mb)
  83. The Swindling Swami (26.6Mb)
  84. Little Tough Guy (26.6Mb)
  85. The Fugitive Guest (26.6Mb)
  86. The Souvenir Gun (26.6Mb)
  87. The Sunshine Swindlers (26.6Mb)
  88. The Bow Tie Murders (26.6Mb)
  89. The Baby Big Shot (26.6Mb)
  90. Hijackers Incorporated (26.5Mb)
  91. Death in the Desert (26.6Mb)
  92. Old Lady Larceny (27.1Mb)
  93. The Innocent Thief (26.8Mb)
  94. The Divorced Child (26.6Mb)
  95. The Fugitive Pirate (27.5Mb)
  96. The Vicious Shakedown (26.6Mb)
  97. The Henpecked Thief (27.2Mb)
  98. The Used Baby Racket (27.2Mb)
  99. The Curious Patient (20.3Mb)
  100. The Juvenile Shakedown (26.6Mb)
  101. The Unfortunate Daughter (26.6Mb)
  102. The Henpecked Swindler (20.3Mb)
  103. The Wayward Brothers (26.6Mb)
  104. The Professional Killer (26.6Mb)
  105. The Reluctant Thief (26.6Mb)
  106. The Frustrated Mice (26.6Mb)
  107. The Fugitive Traveler (26.6Mb)
  108. The Curious Cameraman (26.6Mb)
  109. The Horoscope Homicide (26.6Mb)
  110. The Mysterious Fugitive (26.6Mb)
  111. The Careless Killer (26.6Mb)
  112. The Unhappy Hijacker (26.6Mb)
  113. The Benevolent Hijacker (26.6Mb)
  114. The Uninvited Partner (26.6Mb)
  115. The Big Buildup (26.6Mb)
  116. The Ambitious Widow (26.6Mb)
  117. The Benevolent Corpse (20.3Mb)
  118. The Innocent Witness (26.6Mb)
  119. The Melancholy Mind Reader (26.6Mb)
  120. The Half-Pint Horse Players (26.6Mb)
  121. The Friendly Frame-up (26.6Mb)
  122. Merchants of Arson (26.6Mb)
  123. The Gullible Groom (26.6Mb)
  124. The Runaway Dancer (26.6Mb)
  125. The Trail of Terror (26.6Mb)
  126. The Indifferent Mother (26.6Mb)
  127. Lady Luck's Husband (26.6Mb)
  128. The Happy Honeymooners (26.6Mb)
  129. The Sorrowful Safecracker (26.6Mb)
  130. The Unwilling Hostess (26.6Mb)
  131. The Mercenary Mother (26.6Mb)
  132. The Round-Trip Murder (26.8Mb)
  133. The Plastic Profile (26.6Mb)
  134. The Jewel Laden Jockey (26.6Mb)
  135. The Henpecked Hijacker (27.1Mb)
  136. Operation Ransom (26.3Mb)
  137. The Unwilling Partner (26.6Mb)
  138. The Runaway Racketeers (26.6Mb)
  139. The Lonesome Lamister (26.5Mb)
  140. The Big Guy (27.3Mb)
  141. The Curious Prospectors (26.5Mb)
  142. The Unhappy Medium (28Mb)
  143. The Student of Violence (20.4Mb)
  144. The Hollywood Horseman (20.4Mb)
  145. The Curious Cargo (20.3Mb)
  146. The Respectable Thief (26.4Mb)
  147. The Three-way Frame Up (26.9Mb)
  148. The Remorseful Runaway (26.6Mb)
  149. The Wrong-Way Shakedown (26.6Mb)
  150. The Telltale Bracelet (26.6Mb)
  151. The Great Deception (26.6Mb)
  152. Deadlier Than The Male (26.7Mb)
  153. The Innocent Fugitive (26.5Mb)
  154. The Unknown Voice (26.6Mb)
  155. The Phantom Mine (26.8Mb)
  156. The Two Wise Men (27Mb)
  157. The Gridiron Swindle (27Mb)
  158. The Man Who Died Twice (6.6Mb)
  159. The Unwilling Draft Dodger (27Mb)
  160. Two Tickets To Nowhere (6.9Mb)
  161. The Voyage of Terror (6.6Mb)
  162. The Prodigal Brother (27Mb)
  163. The Return of St. Nick (20.2Mb)
  164. The Friendly Forgers (27Mb)
  165. The Out-of-Date Killer (27Mb)
  166. The Skid Row Shakedown (27Mb)
  167. The Slapstick Holdup (27Mb)
  168. The Fugitive Bridegroom (6.7Mb)
  169. The Cut Rate Caravan (6.7Mb)
  170. The Mother-in-law Racket (6.8Mb)
  171. The Three-Fathom Frameup (27Mb)
  172. Murder on the Midway (27Mb)
  173. The Telltale Ransom (27Mb)
  174. The Baby Rental Racket (27Mb)
  175. The Comeback Kid (27Mb)
  176. The Bogus Healer (27Mb)
  177. The Larcenous Landlady (27Mb)
  178. The Lonely Hearts Racket (6.5Mb)
  179. The Tropical Shakedown (6.8Mb)
  180. Apprentice of Larceny (6.9Mb)
  181. The Swampland Fugitive (6.8Mb)
  182. The Bogus Bankrupt (6.8Mb)
  183. The Hungry Wrestler (6.9Mb)
  184. The Gentle Killer (6.9Mb)
  185. The Rocking Chair Shakedown (6.5Mb)
  186. The Runaway Guest (20.4Mb)
  187. The Trans-Atlantic Shakedown (20.5Mb)
  188. The Merchant of Death (20.5Mb)
  189. Three's a Crime (20.5Mb)
  190. The Sentimental Doublecross (6.6Mb)
  191. Out of the Storm (6.9Mb)
  192. The Larcenous Bride (6.7Mb)
  193. The Hapless Hijackers (6.8Mb)
  194. The Delinquent Father (6.6Mb)
  195. Larceny Will Out (6.8Mb)
  196. The Chinatown Shakedown (6.8Mb)
  197. The Flying Thieves (20.2Mb)
  198. Dead Man's Tale (20.3Mb)
  199. The Meticulous Mobster (20.2Mb)
  200. Friendly Stowaway (20.4Mb)
  201. Helpful Hobo (20.3Mb)
  202. The Unhappy Firebug (20.4Mb)
  203. The Musical Frame Up (20.3Mb)
  204. The Big Caseout (20.3Mb)
  205. Gentlemen Prefer Widows (20.3Mb)
  206. The Blundering Felon (20.4Mb)
  207. The Waterfront Felons (20.3Mb)
  208. Frozen Frame Up (20.2Mb)
  209. The Innocent Hostage (20.4Mb)
  210. The Return of St. Nick (20.3Mb)
  211. Bank Robbery Incorporated (20.2Mb)
  212. Yesterday's Killers (20.3Mb)
  213. The Delinquent Doctor (20.2Mb)
  214. A License to Kill (20.2Mb)
  215. Larceny Goes to Sea (20.2Mb)
  216. Ladies of Larceny (20.4Mb)
  217. The Hollywood Frame Up (20.3Mb)
  218. Package of Death (20.2Mb)
  219. The Telltale Calendar (20.3Mb)
  220. Voice from the River (20.2Mb)
  221. The Surplus Safe Crackers (20.3Mb)
  222. The Fiery Fugitives (20.2Mb)
  223. The Honeymoon Homicide (20.3Mb)
  224. The Campus Shakedown (20Mb)
  225. The Mercy Manhunt (20.4Mb)
  226. The Perilous Secret (20.2Mb)
  227. The Muscle Factory (20.3Mb)
  228. The Handsome Heel (20.1Mb)
  229. The Aged Apprentice (27.1Mb)
  230. The Vanishing Witness (27Mb)
  231. The Black Market Hijacking (27Mb)
  232. The Musical Stick-Up (27Mb)
  233. The Swing Shift Racketeers (27Mb)
  234. The Flop House Frame-Up (27Mb)
  235. Draft Dodging, Inc (27Mb)
  236. The Gold Rush Stick-Up (27Mb)
  237. Prisoner of War (27Mb)
  238. The Phantom Bandit (27Mb)
  239. The Dark Journey (27.1Mb)
  240. The International Heist (27Mb)
  241. The Baffled Bookkeeper (20.4Mb)
  242. The Backstage Shakedown (27.1Mb)
  243. The Prodigal Hoodlum (20.5Mb)
  244. Quartet for Crime (20.3Mb)
  245. Communist Agent (20.4Mb)
  246. The Floating Stickup (20.3Mb)
  247. The Jungle Killer (20.5Mb)
  248. The Return of St. Nick (26.9Mb)
  249. The Temporary Father (20.5Mb)
  250. The Helpful Corpse (20.3Mb)
  251. The Criminal Caravan (20.2Mb)
  252. The Selective Service Swindle (20.3Mb)
  253. The Continental Killer (20.4Mb)
  254. The Innocent Hijacker (20.5Mb)
  255. The Island Fugitive (20.3Mb)
  256. The Penny Lender (20.4Mb)
  257. The Canvas-Backed Frame-Up (27.3Mb)
  258. The Tin Can Killing (27Mb)
  259. Captain Larceny (27.1Mb)
  260. Hollywood Shakedown (27Mb)
  261. Success Story (27.3Mb)
  262. The Saboteurs (27Mb)
  263. The Soybean Shakedown (27.2Mb)
  264. The Runaway Sister (27.2Mb)
  265. The Big Fix (27Mb)
  266. The Wild Pitch (20.4Mb)
  267. The Profiteers (20.3Mb)
  268. The Corruptors (27.4Mb)
  269. The Straw Hat Shakedown (27Mb)
  270. Old Mother Larceny (27.1Mb)
  271. The Night Rider (20.3Mb)
  272. The Return of Father Crime (20.3Mb)
  273. The Mountain Murder (20.4Mb)
  274. The Traitor (27.3Mb)
  275. The Fraudulent Healer (20.3Mb)
  276. The Runaway Corpse (20.3Mb)
  277. The Tribal Shakedown (20.4Mb)
  278. The Roaring Twenties (20.2Mb)
  279. The Connoisseurs of Crime (20.3Mb)
  280. The Post Time Stick-Up (20.3Mb)
  281. The Adopted Thief (27.3Mb)
  282. The Bogus Hijacking (20.3Mb)
  283. The Bad Samaritan (20.3Mb)
  284. Ghost Town (27.4Mb)
  285. The Curious Fisherman (20.4Mb)
  286. The Interrupted Journey (20.4Mb)
  287. The Telltale Cargo (20.4Mb)
  288. The Harvest (20.5Mb)
  289. The Hostage (20.3Mb)
  290. The Tropical Frame-Up (20.3Mb)
  291. The Stranger (20.2Mb)
  292. Citizen Caldwell (20.1Mb)
  293. The Million Dollar Question (20.2Mb)
  294. The Traveling Bride (20.2Mb)
  295. The Unwilling Host (20.2Mb)
  296. The Flying Felon (20.2Mb)
  297. The Unhappy Embezzler (20.4Mb)
  298. The Un-American Patriot (20.3Mb)
  299. Crime for Sale (27Mb)
  300. The Innocent Santa Claus (27Mb)
  301. The Intruder (27Mb)
  302. The Toy Bandits (27Mb)
  303. The Protection Peddlers (27Mb)
  304. The Knock Out (27.1Mb)
  305. The Campus Crime Wave (6.7Mb)
  306. The Face (27.8Mb)
  307. The Old Hat (27.8Mb)
  308. The Unwelcome Fugitive (6.6Mb)
  309. The Pay Off (6.6Mb)
  310. The Skyway Man (6.6Mb)
  311. The Cross Country Fugitive (6.6Mb)
  312. The Corruptors (27Mb)
  313. The Phantom Hitchhiker (6.7Mb)
  314. The Hollywood Shakedown (20.2Mb)
  315. The Fast Ball Frame Up (20.5Mb)
  316. The Masquerader (24.8Mb)
  317. The Loner (20.2Mb)
  318. The Courier (27.5Mb)
  319. The Punch and Judy Shakedown (20.2Mb)
  320. Man Hunt (27Mb)
  321. Hot Ice (20.5Mb)
  322. The Larceny Express (27Mb)
  323. Jackpot (27Mb)
  324. The Respectable Felon (27Mb)
  325. The Three-A-Day Fugitive (27.2Mb)
  326. The Telltale Camera (27.3Mb)
  327. The Five Fathom Stick-Up (27.4Mb)
  328. Killer for Hire (27Mb)
  329. The Bridal Shakedown (27.3Mb)
  330. The Sixteen Millimeter Stickup (27.1Mb)
  331. The Death Cruise (20.2Mb)
  332. The Astrological Breakout (20.2Mb)
  333. The Dime-A-Dance Stickup (21.5Mb)
  334. The Jolly Widow (20.2Mb)
  335. The Traveling Swindle (20.2Mb)
  336. The Seagull Shakedown (20.2Mb)
  337. His Brother's Keeper (20.1Mb)
  338. The Comic Strip Bandits (26.9Mb)
  339. The Little Tin Box (27.1Mb)
  340. The Sight Seeing Killer (27Mb)
  341. The Roundup (27.1Mb)
  342. The Hot Sedan (27Mb)
  343. The Wayward Brother (20.4Mb)
  344. The Evil Samaritan (26.9Mb)
  345. The Frivolous Cousins (26.9Mb)
  346. Wide Open City (20.1Mb)
  347. The Swamp Killer (20.3Mb)
  348. The Baby Peddler (27.1Mb)
  349. Mama's Boy (27Mb)
  350. Pickup (27.2Mb)
  351. Snow Screen (27Mb)
  352. The Sunshine Syndicate (20.3Mb)
  353. Mr Big Shot (27Mb)
  354. The Divorced Child (27.1Mb)
  355. Death in the Desert (26.9Mb)
  356. The Redheaded Blackmailer (6.8Mb)

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