Father Dear Father

Radio sitcom from the 1970s
from archive.org

British ITV sitcom which originally aired in the UK from 1968-1973 & spawned a sequel film as well, called Father, Dear Father: The Movie. There was also an Australian series which ran briefly for one season, entitled, Father, Dear Father in Australia. This seems to be a more obscure find on the general OTR sites. Even the British ones. This is a fun listen & I'm pleased to add these for others to listen to & enjoy. The quality is really quite good!

  1. Bobby Beresford's Visit (12.5Mb)
  2. Accounts, Accounts, Accounts (9.9Mb)
  3. Bikini On Account (11.6Mb)
  4. Competitions (9.7Mb)
  5. Frances (11.3Mb)
  6. Invitation to the Palace (10.9Mb)
  7. Magazine Questionnaire (11.4Mb)
  8. Nanny's Boyfriend (12Mb)
  9. The Burglars (11.6Mb)
  10. Toast Please (8.2Mb)

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