Fantastic Four Radio Show
All 13 episodes of the 1970s superhero series

All 13 episodes of the 1975 Fantastic Four radio show. The show features nearly verbatim dramatizations of early Fantastic Four stories by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. It is perhaps most notable for the casting of a pre-SNL Bill Murray as The Human Torch. The show also stars Bob Maxwell as Reed Richards, Cynthia Adler as Sue Storm, Jim Pappas as Ben Grimm, and Jerry Terheyden as Doctor Doom. Other Marvel characters including Ant-Man, Submariner, Nick Fury, and The Hulk also appeared in the show. Also notable is that Stan Lee itself narrated the show.

  1. The Fantastic Four Meet the Moleman (9.9Mb)
  2. Menace of the Miracleman (10.2Mb)
  3. Coming of the Submariner (10Mb)
  4. Dreaded Doctor Doom (8.3Mb)
  5. Prisoners of the Puppetmaster (9.4Mb)
  6. The Fantastic Four Meet the Incredible Hulk (10.4Mb)
  7. Spell of the Hate Monger (10Mb)
  8. Return of Doctor Doom (9.3Mb)
  9. In the Clutches of Doctor Doom (9.8Mb)
  10. Super Skrull Walks Among Us (9.9Mb)
  11. At the Mercy of Rama Tut (8.4Mb)
  12. Menace of the Red Ghost (11Mb)
  13. Submariner Strikes (10.8Mb)

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