Film-Philosophy Conference 2014

Four keynote lectures from the conference
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Four Keynote Lectures from the Film-Philosophy Conference 2014: A World of Cinemas (2-4 July) with an introduction by Professor David Martin-Jones.

Professor Laura U. Marks (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
"A World of Flowing, Intensifying Images: Mulla Sadra Meets Cinema Studies"

Professor Lucia Nagib (University of Reading, UK)
"Non-Cinema, or the Location of Politics in Film"

Professor Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
"Failing Better: Different Pasts, Dramatic Revelations and Aesthetics of Revolution in Contemporary Art and Film"

Dr William Brown (University of Roehampton, UK)
"Non-Cinema: Digital, Ethics, Multitude"

  1. Introduction, David Martin-Jones (2.9Mb)
  2. Laura Marks (46.4Mb)
  3. Lucia Nagib (46.9Mb)
  4. Patricia Pisters (44.5Mb)
  5. William Brown (42.1Mb)

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