Fist of Fun

Lee & Herring's 1993 radio series
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Starting life on Radio One in late 1993, the original radio incarnation of Fist Of Fun ran for six episodes and maintained a similar delivery & performance style that the duo had already established within their previous radio show, Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World.

However, the content of the show was different, whereas "Nimrod" set a theme for each show, Fist Of Fun's only content stipulation was that the material should fit into the format of a "Lifestyle show presented by two blokes in their mid 20's who live in seperate, but equally unpleasant, rented accomodation in South London'".

The show was recorded live at various venues across the UK before being edited for transmission, and featured guest appearances from such 'celebrities' as Dale Winton & Geoffrey from Rainbow, the standard of guests was clearly intentional, and the incessant talk of daytime TV and other mundanities coming from two people who were clearly very intelligent struck a chord with the nation's listeners.

Fist Of Fun maintained a stay of one series on radio one, as the station restructured it's output & moved away from the half hour comedy show format. All was not lost though, as Lee & Herring landed a slot that fitted in with the new Radio One vision, and the hour long jaunts "The Lee & Herring Radio Show" saw their audience grow, and their material develop before Fist Of Fun returned - this time on BBC2 television - in early 1995.

  1. Edinburgh Fringe (26.7Mb)
  2. Plymouth University (25.2Mb)
  3. Lancaster University (27.2Mb)
  4. Queen's University (26.5Mb)
  5. Greenwich University (26.1Mb)
  6. Paris Studio (25.4Mb)

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