Flywheel, Shyster & Flywheel
1990s BBC Radio 4 remake of the lost Marx Brothers sitcom.

Between 1990 and 1992, BBC Radio 4 aired a version of the Marx Brothers' radio sitcom Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel. Michael Roberts and Frank Lazarus performed the lead roles of Flywheel and Ravelli, wearing make-up and clothing similar to Groucho and Chico. The cast also included Lorelei King in all the female roles and guest-starred Spike Milligan and Dick Vosburgh. The scripts for the BBC series were adapted for a modern British audience by Mark Brisenden and were produced and directed by Dirk Maggs. Each episode incorporated material from two or three different original episodes, and occasionally included additional jokes from Marx Brothers' films.

  1. 1.1: The Stolen Rembrandt (6.7Mb)
  2. 1.2: Flywheel and Juliet (6.6Mb)
  3. 1.3: Big Joe Crookley (6.7Mb)
  4. 1.4: Finding Foo Foo (6.6Mb)
  5. 1.5: One Round Gombatz (6.5Mb)
  6. 1.6: The Election (6.4Mb)
  7. 2.2: Uncle Abner (6.8Mb)
  8. 2.3: Convict Ravelli (6.2Mb)
  9. 2.5: Captain John Smith (5.8Mb)
  10. 2.6: Going Hollywood (6.5Mb)
  11. 3.1: Crexton Mansion (6.8Mb)
  12. 3.2: The Laughing Hyena (6.8Mb)
  13. 3.3: Fly By Wheel Tours (7Mb)
  14. 3.4: The Chicago Clarion (6.8Mb)
  15. 3.5: Coney Island (6.4Mb)
  16. 3.6: Miracle On Eatwell Street (6.5Mb)
  17. An interview with the cast (2.1Mb)

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