Fags, Mags And Bags Series 1-7
Scottish radio comedy from BBC Radio 4 set in a Scots-Asian corner shop

Join the staff of Fags, Mags and Bags in their tireless quest to bring nice-price custard creams and cans of coke with Arabic writing on them to an ungrateful nation.

Fags, Mags and Bags is a Scottish radio comedy broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Set in a Scots-Asian corner shop, its first series was nominated for a Sony Radio Award. The writers, Sanjeev Kohli and Donald McLeary, received a Writers Guild Award in November 2008 for Radio Comedy of the Year.

Sanjeev Kohli as Ramesh Majhu
Donald McLeary as Dave Legg
Omar Raza as Sanjay Majhu
Kayvan Novak as Alok Majhu (series 1)
Susheel Kumar as Alok Majhu (series 2-7)

  1. S01 E01 (24.9Mb)
  2. S01 E02 (25.6Mb)
  3. S01 E03 (25.6Mb)
  4. S01 E04 (25.8Mb)
  5. S01 E05 (25.9Mb)
  6. S01 E06 (26.1Mb)
  7. S02 E01 (25.7Mb)
  8. S02 E02 (25.9Mb)
  9. S02 E03 (25.8Mb)
  10. S02 E04 (25.8Mb)
  11. S02 E05 (25.8Mb)
  12. S02 E06 (25.6Mb)
  13. S03 E01 (25.5Mb)
  14. S03 E02 (25.5Mb)
  15. S03 E03 (25.5Mb)
  16. S03 E04 (25.4Mb)
  17. S03 E05 (25.5Mb)
  18. S03 E06 (25.3Mb)
  19. S04 E01 (25.4Mb)
  20. S04 E02 (25.4Mb)
  21. S04 E03 (25.4Mb)
  22. S04 E04 (25.3Mb)
  23. S04 E05 (25.4Mb)
  24. S04 E06 (25.4Mb)
  25. S05 E01 (25.3Mb)
  26. S05 E02 (25.4Mb)
  27. S05 E03 (25Mb)
  28. S05 E04 (25.2Mb)
  29. S05 E05 (25.5Mb)
  30. S05 E06 (25.3Mb)
  31. S06 E01 (30.5Mb)
  32. S06 E02 (30.5Mb)
  33. S06 E03 (30.4Mb)
  34. S06 E04 (30.5Mb)
  35. S06 E05 (30.5Mb)
  36. S06 E06 (30.5Mb)
  37. S07 E01 (31.7Mb)
  38. S07 E02 (31.6Mb)
  39. S07 E03 (31.7Mb)
  40. S07 E04 (31.7Mb)

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