The Chronicles of Narnia

Radio drama adaption of the C.S. Lewis stories
from archive.org

Here is the 19-Disc CD set of the radio drama adaption of C.S. Lewis' timeless novel series "The Chronicles of Narnia". My family had this for quite a long time now (my old next-door neighbor gave it to us). Anyways, I ripped the whole CD set (each disc one-by-one) using EAC. God bless you and enjoy!!! :)

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  1. Prologue (0Mb)
  2. Into the Wardrobe (0Mb)
  3. Lucy and Mr. Tumnus (0Mb)
  4. "But It Wasn't a Joke!" (0Mb)
  5. The Queen of Narnia (0Mb)
  6. Lucy Betrayed (0Mb)
  7. Sons and Daughters of Adam and Eve (0Mb)
  8. Help From the Beavers (0Mb)
  9. Edmund Goes to the Witch (0Mb)
  10. "It's Father Christmas!" (0Mb)
  11. The Spell Is Breaking (0Mb)
  12. Meeting Aslan (0Mb)
  13. Rescue... At a Price (0Mb)
  14. The Witch's Triumph (0Mb)
  15. A Deeper Magic (0Mb)
  16. Narnia Restored (0Mb)
  17. Kings & Queens in Narnia (0Mb)
  18. The Wardrobe Door/Epilogue (0Mb)
  19. Prologue (0Mb)
  20. Digory and Polly (0Mb)
  21. The Wrong Door (0Mb)
  22. Magic Rings (0Mb)
  23. The Wood Between the Worlds (0Mb)
  24. Charn (0Mb)
  25. The Golden Bell (0Mb)
  26. The Deplorable Word (0Mb)
  27. Back From Beyond the World (0Mb)
  28. What Happened at the Front Door (0Mb)
  29. The Founding of Narnia (0Mb)
  30. 'Narnia, Awake!' (0Mb)
  31. The Second Joke (0Mb)
  32. 'Undo the Wrong' (0Mb)
  33. Strawberry's Adventure (0Mb)
  34. An Unexpected Meeting (0Mb)
  35. The Untangling of Uncle Andrew (0Mb)
  36. The Planting of the Tree (0Mb)
  37. A Miracle (0Mb)
  38. The Beginning/Epilogue (0Mb)
  39. Prologue (0Mb)
  40. The Deliverance of the Child (0Mb)
  41. The Tarkaan Stranger (0Mb)
  42. Bree-Hinny-Brinny-Hoohy-Hah (0Mb)
  43. To Narnia and the North (0Mb)
  44. A Wayside Adventure (0Mb)
  45. The Pith of Avaris' Story (0Mb)
  46. At the Gates of Tashbaan (0Mb)
  47. Shasta Falls in With the Narnians (0Mb)
  48. The Prince Corin (0Mb)
  49. The Tombs of the Ancient Kings (0Mb)
  50. Aravis and Lasaraleen (0Mb)
  51. In the Tisroc's Chamber (0Mb)
  52. Across the Desert (0Mb)
  53. The Race to Anvard (0Mb)
  54. Back With the Hermit (0Mb)
  55. Rabadash's Harangue (0Mb)
  56. One Who Has Waited Long for You (0Mb)
  57. Bree's Humbling (0Mb)
  58. Shasta and the Dwarves (0Mb)
  59. Gazing Into the Battle (0Mb)
  60. No One's Story but Their Own (0Mb)
  61. Prince Shasta (0Mb)
  62. A Roll in the Grass (0Mb)
  63. Rabadash the Ridiculous (0Mb)
  64. The Rightful Heir (0Mb)
  65. Epilogue (0Mb)
  66. Called Back to Narnia (0Mb)
  67. The Ruins of Cair Paravel (0Mb)
  68. Trumpkin the Dwarf (0Mb)
  69. The Old Days (0Mb)
  70. Danger to the Prince (0Mb)
  71. Talking Beasts (0Mb)
  72. 07 - The Council of Dancing Lawn (0Mb)
  73. 08 - Blowing Queen Susan's Horn (0Mb)
  74. 09 - More Than Meets the Eye (0Mb)
  75. 10 - "Oh Trees! Wake Won't You?" (0Mb)
  76. 11 - The Fords of Beruna (0Mb)
  77. 12 - What Lucy Saw (0Mb)
  78. 13 - The Return of the Lion (0Mb)
  79. Woods on the Move (0Mb)
  80. Sorcery and Sudden Vengance (0Mb)
  81. The High King in Command (0Mb)
  82. The Combat of Miraz and Peter (0Mb)
  83. How All Were Very Busy (0Mb)
  84. Reepicheep's Wounds (0Mb)
  85. Aslan Makes a Door in the Air (0Mb)
  86. Epilogue (0Mb)
  87. Prologue (0Mb)
  88. The Picture in the Bedroom (0Mb)
  89. On Board the Dawn Treader (0Mb)
  90. Eustace and Reepicheep (0Mb)
  91. The Lone Islands (0Mb)
  92. Governor Gumpas (0Mb)
  93. The Storm and What Came of It (0Mb)
  94. Dragon Island (0Mb)
  95. "Poor Eustace" (0Mb)
  96. A Narrow Escape (0Mb)
  97. Deathwater Island (0Mb)
  98. The Island of the Voices (0Mb)
  99. The Magician's Book (0Mb)
  100. The Master of the House (0Mb)
  101. Dufflepuds (0Mb)
  102. The Dark Island (0Mb)
  103. Three Sleepers (0Mb)
  104. A Girl and Her Father (0Mb)
  105. The Beginning of the End of the World (0Mb)
  106. The Wonders of the Last Sea (0Mb)
  107. Whiteness (0Mb)
  108. The Very End of the World (0Mb)
  109. The Lamb (0Mb)
  110. Epilogue (0Mb)
  111. Prologue (0Mb)
  112. Blown to Narnia (0Mb)
  113. The Signs (0Mb)
  114. The Sailing of the King (0Mb)
  115. A Parliament of Owls (0Mb)
  116. Puddleglum (0Mb)
  117. Giants, Not Rocks (0Mb)
  118. A Knight and a Lady (0Mb)
  119. The Hill of the Strange Trenches (0Mb)
  120. The House of Harfang (0Mb)
  121. How They Discovered Something Worth Knowing (0Mb)
  122. The Marches of the Underland (0Mb)
  123. The Black Knight (0Mb)
  124. "Bound By A Spell" (0Mb)
  125. The Lady of the Green Kirtle (0Mb)
  126. The End of the Underworld (0Mb)
  127. Golg (0Mb)
  128. The Disappearance of Jill (0Mb)
  129. Dug Up into Narnia (0Mb)
  130. The Healing of Harms (0Mb)
  131. Epilogue (0Mb)
  132. Prologue (0Mb)
  133. Shift and Puzzle (0Mb)
  134. Aslan in Narnia? (0Mb)
  135. The King's Rashness (0Mb)
  136. Lord Shift (0Mb)
  137. Tirian the Captive (0Mb)
  138. Help Arrives (0Mb)
  139. Weapons and Preparation (0Mb)
  140. A Good Night's Work (0Mb)
  141. "The Dwarfs Are for the Dwarfs!" (0Mb)
  142. Poggin's Story (0Mb)
  143. Tash Has Come (0Mb)
  144. Narnia Is No More (0Mb)
  145. The Great Bonfire Meeting (0Mb)
  146. A Volunteer & a Victim (0Mb)
  147. "Who Stands With Me?" (0Mb)
  148. Two Tragedies (0Mb)
  149. Narnia's Last Battle (0Mb)
  150. Inside the Stable (0Mb)
  151. The Wooden Doorway (0Mb)
  152. "They Won't Take Us in Again!" (0Mb)
  153. Night Falls on Narnia (0Mb)
  154. Emeth & Aslan (0Mb)
  155. "Further Up and Further In!" (0Mb)
  156. Farewall to the Shadow-Lands (0Mb)
  157. Epilogue (0Mb)

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