Fridays with Jim Breuer

Comedy/talk radio show from 2009-11
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Fridays with Jim Breuer is Jim Breuer's comedy/talk show on Sirius' Raw Dog station. It is formerly known as Breuer Unleashed, and was a daily show, which was co-hosted by Pete Correale. At the Sirius/XM merger the show was changed to it's current one day a week format with only Breuer as a host.

The show airs live Fridays 4 pm to 6 pm and repeats 9 pm - 11 pm ET. Partial archive -- classic audio -- Some full shows, some segments.

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  1. Jim Breuer 2009-01-23 (46.8Mb)
  2. 2009-01-30 Jim Breuer Fridays (47.6Mb)
  3. no title (69.6Mb)
  4. no title (70.3Mb)
  5. no title (54.4Mb)
  6. no title (61.2Mb)
  7. no title (46.7Mb)
  8. no title (57.6Mb)
  9. no title (69Mb)
  10. Fridays with Breuer (89.1Mb)
  11. no title (50.5Mb)
  12. 2009-11-06-Fridays with Breuer (95.1Mb)
  13. 2009-11-13-Fridays with Breuer (101Mb)
  14. 2009-12-04-Fridays with Breuer (93.6Mb)
  15. Jim Breuer on Rosie Radio (33.8Mb)
  16. no title (40.2Mb)
  17. no title (41Mb)
  18. no title (38.3Mb)
  19. no title (42.1Mb)
  20. 2010-06-11-Fridays with Breuer (88.6Mb)
  21. 2010-06-25 Fridays with Breuer (89.7Mb)
  22. 2010-07-16 Fridays with Breuer (86.5Mb)
  23. 2010-07-23 Fridays with Breuer (101.1Mb)
  24. no title (33.5Mb)
  25. no title (21.1Mb)
  26. no title (34Mb)
  27. no title (38.3Mb)
  28. no title (43.6Mb)
  29. no title (41.8Mb)
  30. no title (40.7Mb)
  31. no title (43.5Mb)
  32. no title (39.1Mb)
  33. no title (39.5Mb)
  34. no title (39.2Mb)
  35. Fridays CF-56k-2009-09-04 (39Mb)
  36. Fridays CF-56k-2009-09-11 (41.3Mb)
  37. no title (6.5Mb)
  38. no title (43.1Mb)
  39. no title (46.8Mb)
  40. no title (43.4Mb)
  41. no title (41.5Mb)
  42. no title (40Mb)
  43. no title (37.7Mb)
  44. Jim Breuer Fridays CF-64k-2009 (43.7Mb)

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