Jack Frost
Two BBC Radio plays that introduced the character of DI Jack Frost.

Inspector Jack Frost became well known through a series of novels and a long running TV adaptation starring David Jason. The character was originally created however for this 1977 radio drama, later published as the novel "Frost At Christmas".

Three days to Christmas, sub-zero temperatures and the search parties are out looking for eight-year-old Tracy Uphill. Detective Inspector Frost can't even organise his own office: how can he be trusted with a. vital case of this complexity?

In the second of the two Frost radio plays, DI Jack Frost, officially on duty, is nevertheless determined to sneak off to a colleagues leaving party. But first the corpse of a well-known local junkie is found blocking the drain of a Denton public lavatory and then, when Frost attempts to join the revels later on, the nubile daughter of a wealthy businessman is reported missing.

  1. Three Days of Frost (29.6Mb)
  2. A Touch Of Frost (29.3Mb)

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