Harry Hill's Fruit Corner

BBC Radio 4 comedy
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Harry Hill's Fruit Corner was a radio show broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in the United Kingdom, that ran for four series between 1993 and 1997. The series starred Harry Hill, Al Murray, Burt Kwouk and Martin Hyder, and served as the predecessor for Hill's breakthrough television series, Harry Hill.

  1. S1E1 Monks And Nuns (38.9Mb)
  2. S1E2 Lords And Ladies (40Mb)
  3. S1E3 Police And Thieves (40.6Mb)
  4. S1E4 Doctors And Nurses (40.4Mb)
  5. S2E1 Elves And Pixies (40.6Mb)
  6. S2E2 Judges And Janitors (40.1Mb)
  7. S2E3 Army And Navy (40.1Mb)
  8. S2E4 Minicab Drivers (40.4Mb)
  9. S2E5 Dons And Dames (35.7Mb)
  10. S2E6 Dog And Bone (40.4Mb)
  11. S3E1 Desmond Tutu Sings Motown (40.3Mb)
  12. S3E2 Prince Charles Sings Musical Youth (40.5Mb)
  13. S3E3 Jimmy Savile Sings The Cranberries (40.5Mb)
  14. S3E4 The Fantasy Island Midget Sings Tina Turner (40.2Mb)
  15. S3E5 Mike Read Sings Blur (40.5Mb)
  16. S3E6 Desmond Tutu Sings Disney (40.1Mb)
  17. S4E1 Gregorian Monks Chant The Ragga Hits (40.1Mb)
  18. S4E2 David Bowie Sings The Instrumentals (40.1Mb)
  19. S4E3 Tom Baker Sings Meatloaf (39.3Mb)
  20. S4E4 Chewbacca Sings Spandau Ballet (40.4Mb)
  21. S4E5 Mariella Frostrup Sings Dionne Warwick (40.6Mb)
  22. S4E6 Alec Guinness Sings Pulp (40.5Mb)

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