Galbraith and the King of Diamonds
1975 BBC detective drama

Veteran detective Bill Galbraith wants a quiet life, now he's retiring from a long career in the police force. But his old pal Tommy Evans needs his help over murky goings on from a criminal mastermind...

Starring Bernard Hepton as Galbraith,
Richard Davies as Tom Evans, Tom Watson as Cater, Peter Dyneley as
Gelder, Eva Haddon as Anne-Marie, Hector Ross as Cornell, Katharine Page
as Mary Galbraith and Bruce Alexander as Milne.
Robert Barr also wrote TV scripts for the BBC's Z Cars and Softly Softly, as well as being a prize-winning TV producer.
Producer: John Browell.
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in August 1975.

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  3. Fear is the Key (0Mb)
  4. The 7,000,000 Touch (0Mb)
  5. Appointment in Zurich (0Mb)
  6. The Last Move (0Mb)

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