Ghosts From The Past
BBC Radio dramas from 1992

Ghosts From Past BBC Radio Drama's

1. Black Stockings & Broken Mirrors [08/04/92] by Bernadette Crosthwaite. With Maureen O'Brian, Margo Boyd. Directed by Martin Jenkins.

2. Boat Hook, The [15/04/92] by Sheila Hodgson. A Norwegian professor driven to his death by a model of the boat in which his first wife died. Starring: Michael Williams, Eric Allan, Brett Usher, David King, Siriol Jenkins, Peter Tuddenham, David Learner, Gudrun Ure, Joanna Wake and Neil Roberts. Directed by Martin Jenkins.

3. Mortmain [22/04/92] by John Metcalfe. A honeymoon couple are trapped in a bizarre nightmare world of possession. With Robert Glenister, Helena Breck, David March. Directed by Martin Jenkins.

4. Warden for All Saints [29/04/92] by H.S. Bhabra. In H. S. Bhabra's story, the undead are stalking the corridors of Oxbridge. Dramatised by Jerry Jones. Directed by Martin Jenkins. Benjamin Whitrow, John Rowe.

  1. Stockings And Broken Mirrors (40Mb)
  2. The Boat Hook (40.6Mb)
  3. Mortmain (15.2Mb)
  4. A Warden For All Saints (40.8Mb)

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