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Girls Chat podcast archives (2019-2020).
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Girls Chat podcast archives (2019-2020). See the Girls Chat Intro document (September 2020) for episode descriptions. (Original Google Drive archive)

  1. S01E01 Redpilled by Red Scare—Girls Chat Pilot (Episode 1).mp3 (unknown file size)
  2. S01E01a Girls Chat Extra Special Bonus Girls Chat.mp3 (78.2Mb)
  3. S01E02 TERF JOI with Trans Regret Snoopy.mp3 (150Mb)
  4. S01E02a Sam Pritchard Forced Intox.mp3 (106.1Mb)
  5. S01E03 Doing Astrology to Find Out Which Socialist Organization Is Best with Randon Rosenbohm.mp3 (89.5Mb)
  6. S01E04 Reading Books with MCS (who got her life ruined by Luke Turner and Shia LaBeouf for 3 days).mp3 (97.9Mb)
  7. S01E04a Girls Chat Black Friday Special (Anarchist, featuring Crimes).mp3 (38.6Mb)
  8. S01E05 Girls Chat BTFO—The Luke Turner Cancellation, featuring Daniel Keller.mp3 (unknown file size)
  9. S01E06 Deterritorializing Justin Murphy (Featuring Musical Guest Li’l Jaybee).mp3 (unknown file size)
  10. S01E07 molly soda is creating inspiration.mp3 (141.8Mb)
  11. S01E08 The Future is Incel—Girls Chat Christmas Special (featuring Nyx Land and musical guest School Shooter).mp3 (unknown file size)
  12. S01E08a Why Taylor Swift Is the Greatest Musical Example.mp3 (121.6Mb)
  13. S01E08b Firewalls Install Viruses on Your Computer.mp3 (155.7Mb)
  14. S01E09 The Vitalist Manifesto featuring John McAfee.mp3 (72.2Mb)
  15. S01E10 Street Fight Radio—A Show for Women (Featuring Girls Chat).mp3 (unknown file size)
  16. S01E10a Undead Cybernetic Nightmare Machine Broke.mp3 (122.3Mb)
  17. S01E11 Exiting the Frankenstein’s Cellar with Vr0nline.mp3 (unknown file size)
  18. S01E11a Bonus Girls Chat with Vr0nline.mp3 (30.4Mb)
  19. S01E12 How to Be a Woman with Roosh V.mp3 (104.7Mb)
  20. S01E12a Learning that Females are Human with Comrade Flanders.mp3 (84.1Mb)
  21. S01E13 Jake Flores is a Poppers-Sniffing F-Slur.mp3 (101.6Mb)
  22. S01E14 Penis CK Doesn’t Know How to Jerk Off.mp3 (unknown file size)
  23. S01E15 #MJInnocent featuring The Antifada.mp3 (unknown file size)
  24. S01E15a #MJInnocent Bonus—The Stan Game featuring the Antifada.mp3 (unknown file size)
  25. S01E16 They’re Eating Rats on Girls Chat with Ashton Birdie.mp3 (unknown file size)
  26. S01E17 The Red Kahina News Hour with Ken Klippenstein.mp3 (130.8Mb)
  27. S01E18 How to Be a Gamer with Ian Miles Cheong.mp3 (129Mb)
  28. S01E18a Going Sicko Mode with Cathy Brennan.mp3 (76.8Mb)
  29. S01E19 #Strassergate with Aimee Terese.mp3 (unknown file size)
  30. S01E19a Girls Chat Gets Loomered by Laura Loomer.mp3 (57.8Mb)
  31. S01E20 The Adventures of Saint Glenn featuring Glenn Greenwald.mp3 (140.9Mb)
  32. S01E21 Singal, White Female with Jesse Singal.mp3 (146.2Mb)
  33. S02E01 Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit.mp3 (118.1Mb)
  34. S02E02 Based Justin Murphy.mp3 (144Mb)
  35. S02E03 Jails That Start with ‘R’ for $800, Featuring Jake Flores.mp3 (unknown file size)
  36. S02E03a An Evening with Honklerita.mp3 (126.3Mb)
  37. S02E04 Hot for Teacher, Not for SWERFS with Heidi Matthews.mp3 (163.8Mb)
  38. S02E04a An Evening (Approximately 24 Hours) with Mr. Wright.mp3 (137.2Mb)
  39. S02E05 Another #MeToo Victim—With Katie Herzog.mp3 (unknown file size)
  40. S02E05a Jake FM FM (The Second FM is because it an audio programme).mp3 (100.1Mb)
  41. S02E06 Crumpy Baby Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight Featuring M. Crumps.mp3 (98.9Mb)

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