Goljan Patho

Pathology lectures by Dr. Goljan
from archive.org

The Gold Goljan Audio -Edited and Fixed

  1. Cell Injury and Inflammation (415.5Mb)
  2. Fluid and Hemodynamics (211.7Mb)
  3. Nutrition (146.1Mb)
  4. Neoplasia (181.1Mb)
  5. Hematology pt1 (318.8Mb)
  6. Hematology pt2 (354.9Mb)
  7. Cardio (411.9Mb)
  8. Respiratory (225.9Mb)
  9. GI (216.6Mb)
  10. HepatoBiliary (189.5Mb)
  11. Renal (208.8Mb)
  12. Gyn (123.8Mb)
  13. Endocrine (210.1Mb)
  14. MSKSK (132.8Mb)
  15. CNS (102.6Mb)

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