George Orwell omnibus

Various readings, dramatisations and documentaries
from archive.org


Animal Farm (2013): Orwell's dramatisation of his tale of the corrupting effect of power is narrated by Tamsin Greig and features Nicky Henson, Toby Jones, Ralph Ineson and the Radio Drama Company.

Keep The Aspidistra Flying (1988): On the streets of 1930s London, Gordon Comstock wages war on the money god. Starring Jonathan Tafler and Victoria Carling.

Nineteen Eighty-Four (2013): Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth. Big Brother stares out from every poster, the Thought Police uncover every act of betrayal. Starring Christopher Eccleston, Pippa Nixon, Tim Pigott-Smith and Kim Wall.

  1. Animal Farm [Read by Bill Nighy] (62.7Mb)
  2. Animal Farm [Tamsin Greig a & Toby Jones] (80.1Mb)
  3. Biographical Dramas: Burma (40.1Mb)
  4. Biographical Dramas: Dreaming (40.5Mb)
  5. Biographical Dramas: Jura (40.3Mb)
  6. Biographical Dramas: Loving (40.5Mb)
  7. Essays & Journalism: As I Please (12.8Mb)
  8. Essays & Journalism: Confessions Of A Book Reviewer (13Mb)
  9. Essays & Journalism: My Country Right or Left (13Mb)
  10. George Orwell [BBC R4 Great Lives] (12.8Mb)
  11. Keep The Aspidistra Flying (62.3Mb)
  12. S01E01 Down & Out In Paris & London [Drama] (52Mb)
  13. S01E02 Down & Out In Paris & London [Drama] (51.5Mb)
  14. S02E01 Nineteen Eighty-Four [Christopher Eccleston] (52.2Mb)
  15. S02E02 Nineteen Eighty-Four [Christopher Eccleston] (53Mb)
  16. S02ETR Nineteen Eighty-Four [Christopher Eccleston] (0.6Mb)
  17. S03E01 Homage To Catalonia (52.9Mb)
  18. S03E02 Homage To Catalonia (51.9Mb)
  19. The Road To Nineteen Eighty-Four [David Aaronovitch] (50.2Mb)

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