Green Valley Line

1930s radio serial
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Very little is known about the "Green Valley Line," other than it was a syndicated serial, possibly broadcast during the early 1930s. "Green Valley Line" tells the story of a small town railroad line in turn of the Century America, and of what a small, close-knit community will do to keep their train in their town.

When a conglomerate hound wants to gain ownership of "... the little engine that could...," he sends his son along to do his dirty work. You will hear how the towns-people band together to save their train from the "handsome man" attempting the 'take-over.'

This is a wonderful story which young and old alike will fall in love with; the whole story of which can be listened to in a 6 hour period. Complete in these 26 episodes.
OTR * def gp ddh

  1. GVL #001 Spider & The Stranger (3.1Mb)
  2. GVL #002 Pop's New Assistant (2.9Mb)
  3. GVL #003 The Mail Contract (3Mb)
  4. GVL #004 The Ol #1010 Rolls Again (2.8Mb)
  5. GVL #005 The Dinner Party (3.1Mb)
  6. GVL #006 Race For The Mail (3Mb)
  7. GVL #007 Treachery on the Rails (2.9Mb)
  8. GVL #008 Victory (3Mb)
  9. GVL #009 Victory Celebration (3Mb)
  10. GVL #010 Tragedy Strikes (3.2Mb)
  11. GVL #011 Family Matters (3.1Mb)
  12. GVL #012 Foul Play (2.9Mb)
  13. GVL #013 Spiders Story (3Mb)
  14. GVL #014 A New Hope (3Mb)
  15. GVL #015 Shareholders' Showdown (3.2Mb)
  16. GVL #016 A Short Vacation to Danger (3.1Mb)
  17. GVL #017 Escape (3.1Mb)
  18. GVL #018 Trouble in Town (3.3Mb)
  19. GVL #019 Cupid Strikes (3.1Mb)
  20. GVL #020 A New Deal (2.8Mb)
  21. GVL #021 Coded Message (3.1Mb)
  22. GVL #022 Surprise Visit (1.9Mb)
  23. GVL #023 The Fortuna Mine (3.3Mb)
  24. GVL #024 Love Lost (3.1Mb)
  25. GVL #025 Love Found (3.1Mb)
  26. GVL #026 A New Beginning (3Mb)

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