Amazing Lives

Sketch comedy from We Are Klang
from archive.org

Perrier nominated sketch troupe We Are Klang (Greg Davies, Steve Hall & Marek Larwood ) bring their anarchic silliness to BBC Radio 7 in the form of improvised mockumentaries looking at the careers of living legends.

When Britain's most ridiculous alcoholic sets his heart on becoming a war poet, little does he realise that his poetry will kill as many people as the Vietnam War itself. As for Max Phantasmo, his stand-up routines are so bad he's been banned from performing in public.

Travelling, meeting people, growing beards and dysentry - in one episode we
meet two of the UK's most celebrated explorers.

Lastly, we hear about Gummy Monkey, the controversial Broadway musical, which ran for just three days.

  1. Poet (25.7Mb)
  2. Max Phantasmo (25.6Mb)
  3. Explorer (25.6Mb)
  4. Musical (25.6Mb)

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