Grievous Bodily Radio

1997 sketch comedy series from BBC Radio 4
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As the name suggests Grievous Bodily Radio is series which tended to be bruising.

This quarter-hour sketch show was written by newcomers Jon Holmes and Andy Hurst, who performed it with Mike Chequer, Emma Clarke and the impressionist Peter Serafinowicz.

The high-octane presentation combined well-constructed versions of obvious comic ideas (Terry Wogan as a closet gangsta rap fanatic, etc) with a kind of studied, deliberate crassness reminiscent of Lee and Herring's Fist of Fun.

With its abrasive material and youth-oriented references, the show was typical of the kind of programming which had, until recently, been heard on Radio 1: the original intention was to broadcast it on both stations (as had been done with a couple of shows in 1993), but the Radio 1 policy decision to end comedy programming came into effect before the series made it to air.

Sadly, Radio 4 proved unable to assimilate Grievous Bodily Radio's style after a number of complaints from listeners, the sixth and final show in the run was pulled (it was replaced, without explanation, with a compilation of safe material from earlier shows), and the series was not repeated or recommissioned.

  1. s01 e01 (26.1Mb)
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