Guilt Trip

2016 drama of a mother and daughter on a sponsored walk along the River Thames
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A mother and daughter undertake a two week sponsored walk along The Thames Path to raise money for the dead father's charity.
But the mother and father divorced nine years ago and he'd re-married, so relationships between them all have been strained. Things come to a head at any mention of the French Oak gable table that Ros and her now dead ex bought together in Camden. This has somehow ended up in the step-mother's house, much to Ros's annoyance: "I mean she sits at it! It's my table and she sits at it."

Comedy drama written by Katherine Jakeways.

Ros ...... Felicity Montagu
Laura ...... Olivia Nixon
Stepmother ...... Katherine Jakeways
Boyfriend ...... Tim Key

With Jeff Rawle and Velibor Topic.

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