Guitar Noise

A series of introductory guitar lessons
from guitarnoise.com

A series of introductory half-hour guitar lessons presented by David Hodge, editor of www.guitarnoise.com.

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  1. Strumming Part 1—Basics (unknown file size)
  2. Strumming Part 2—Adding Hammer-Ons (unknown file size)
  3. Combining What We've Got So Far (unknown file size)
  4. 16th Note Accent & Partial Chord Strumming (unknown file size)
  5. Adding a Basic Walking Bassline (unknown file size)
  6. 3/4 Time (unknown file size)
  7. A Little Crosspicking (unknown file size)
  8. Combining Strumming and Crosspicking (unknown file size)
  9. Adding Fills (unknown file size)
  10. Adding Palm Muting (unknown file size)
  11. Adding String Muting (unknown file size)
  12. A Slightly Different Strum (unknown file size)
  13. Getting Into Swing (unknown file size)
  14. Putting Things to Practical Use (unknown file size)
  15. Mixing Strumming and Crosspicking (unknown file size)
  16. "Streets of Laredo"—Part 1 (unknown file size)
  17. "Streets of Laredo"—Part 2 (unknown file size)
  18. "Streets of Laredo"—Part 3 (unknown file size)
  19. Anticipations, Rests, Dynamics (unknown file size)
  20. Using Space; Plus an Introduction to Chord Voicings (unknown file size)
  21. "The Star of the County Down"—Part 1 (unknown file size)
  22. "The Star of the County Down"—Part 2 (unknown file size)
  23. "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"—Part 1 (unknown file size)
  24. "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"—Part 2 (unknown file size)
  25. "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"—Part 3 (unknown file size)
  26. Summer Camp—Part 1 (unknown file size)
  27. Summer Camp—Part 2 (unknown file size)
  28. Getting Beyond Basic Fingerpicking (unknown file size)
  29. "Good Riddance" (unknown file size)

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