Guitar Noise
A series of introductory guitar lessons

A series of introductory half-hour guitar lessons presented by David Hodge, editor of www.guitarnoise.com.

  1. Strumming Part 1—Basics (10.3Mb)
  2. Strumming Part 2—Adding Hammer-Ons (10.3Mb)
  3. Combining What We've Got So Far (10.3Mb)
  4. 16th Note Accent & Partial Chord Strumming (10.3Mb)
  5. Adding a Basic Walking Bassline (10.3Mb)
  6. 3/4 Time (10.3Mb)
  7. A Little Crosspicking (10.3Mb)
  8. Combining Strumming and Crosspicking (10.3Mb)
  9. Adding Fills (10.3Mb)
  10. Adding Palm Muting (10.3Mb)
  11. Adding String Muting (10.3Mb)
  12. A Slightly Different Strum (10.3Mb)
  13. Getting Into Swing (10.3Mb)
  14. Putting Things to Practical Use (10.3Mb)
  15. Mixing Strumming and Crosspicking (10.3Mb)
  16. "Streets of Laredo"—Part 1 (10.3Mb)
  17. "Streets of Laredo"—Part 2 (10.3Mb)
  18. "Streets of Laredo"—Part 3 (10.3Mb)
  19. Anticipations, Rests, Dynamics (10.3Mb)
  20. Using Space; Plus an Introduction to Chord Voicings (10.3Mb)
  21. "The Star of the County Down"—Part 1 (10.3Mb)
  22. "The Star of the County Down"—Part 2 (10.3Mb)
  23. "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"—Part 1 (10.3Mb)
  24. "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"—Part 2 (10.3Mb)
  25. "Will the Circle Be Unbroken"—Part 3 (10.3Mb)
  26. Summer Camp—Part 1 (10.3Mb)
  27. Summer Camp—Part 2 (10.3Mb)
  28. Getting Beyond Basic Fingerpicking (20.6Mb)
  29. "Good Riddance" (27.6Mb)

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