Brian Gulliver's Travels
Sitcom about a man who travels to unknown lands but nobody believes him

Brian Gulliver, a travel documentary presenter, has been missing for six years. He's now in mental hospital because of his bizarre adventures. In this series, Brian reveals a new story each week. A seasoned presenter of travel documentaries, he finds himself in a mental hospital after claiming to have experienced a succession of bizarre adventures on the undiscovered continent of Clafenia.

  1. s01e01 (38.4Mb)
  2. s01e02 (39.9Mb)
  3. s01e03 (39.1Mb)
  4. s01e04 (40.5Mb)
  5. s01e05 (39.2Mb)
  6. s01e06 (39Mb)
  7. s02e01 (40.7Mb)
  8. s02e02 (41.6Mb)
  9. s02e03 (41.2Mb)
  10. s02e04 (40.1Mb)
  11. s02e05 (42.6Mb)
  12. s02e06 (40.2Mb)

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