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Gunsmoke is one of those long-running classic Old-Time Radio shows that everyone knows and remembers. It's also one that is still respected for its high values, in all aspects. Gunsmoke first aired on the CBS network on April 26, 1952, billed as the first adult western. It was set in Dodge City, Kansas in the 1870's.

The main character, Matt Dillon, was played by William Conrad. On August 6, 1951, William Conrad played the lead in a show entitled "Pagosa" in the series Romance, where he played the part of a reluctant sheriff in a tough Western town. Although not a true audition, Conrad's character role is very close the that of Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke. It was one of the "stepping stones" toward the production of Gunsmoke.

Other regular characters were Chester Proudfoot, played by Parley Baer; Kitty, played by Georgia Ellis; and Doc Adams, played by Howard McNear.

The series featured top-notch acting and well-developed scripts that set it apart from many other shows, not only Westerns; however, it was the sound effects that stood out the most. Listen carefully and one can hear many levels of sound that really helps transport the listener back to the old west.

Besides the US version, there was an Australian production of Gunsmoke. It began sometime in 1955, transcribed under the Artransa label, and aired Mondays at 7:00 PM on the Macquarie network. It is not known how many shows aired or how long the series ran.

NOTE: Updated with Version 5 files (05-Jan-2020).

From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. See "Notes" Section below for more information on the OTRR.

  1. Billy the Kid (26.6Mb)
  2. Ben Thompson (3.5Mb)
  3. Jaliscoe (13.4Mb)
  4. Ben Slade's Saloon (13.2Mb)
  5. Carmen (13.9Mb)
  6. Buffalo Killers (13.6Mb)
  7. Never Pester Chester (Paul Dubov) (13.7Mb)
  8. The Boughten Bride (13.5Mb)
  9. Doc Holiday (14Mb)
  10. Gentleman's Disagreement (14.1Mb)
  11. Renegade White (14Mb)
  12. The Kentucky Tolmans (13.7Mb)
  13. The Lynching (13.3Mb)
  14. Shakespeare (13.8Mb)
  15. The Juniper Tree (13.6Mb)
  16. The Brothers (20.5Mb)
  17. Home Surgery (13.6Mb)
  18. Drop Dead (13.6Mb)
  19. The Railroad (pre-cut, not final version) (12.1Mb)
  20. Cain (13.6Mb)
  21. Hinka-Do (13.4Mb)
  22. Lochinvar (13.6Mb)
  23. The Mortgage (13.7Mb)
  24. Overland Express (13.7Mb)
  25. Tara (13.7Mb)
  26. The Square Triangle (13.7Mb)
  27. Fingered (13.8Mb)
  28. Kitty (13.7Mb)
  29. I Don't Know (13.8Mb)
  30. Post Martin (13.7Mb)
  31. Xmas Story (13.7Mb)
  32. The Cabin (13.8Mb)
  33. Westbound (27.4Mb)
  34. Word of Honor (13.7Mb)
  35. Paid Killer (13.7Mb)
  36. The Old Lady (13.7Mb)
  37. Cavalcade (13.7Mb)
  38. Cain (reused script) (13.9Mb)
  39. The Round-Up (13.5Mb)
  40. Meshougah (13.8Mb)
  41. Trojan War (13.6Mb)
  42. Absalom (13.8Mb)
  43. Pussy Cats (13.3Mb)
  44. Quarter Horse (13.5Mb)
  45. Jayhawkers (13.6Mb)
  46. Gonif (13.6Mb)
  47. Bum's Rush (13.3Mb)
  48. The Soldier (13.3Mb)
  49. Tacetta (14Mb)
  50. The Buffalo Hunter (27.3Mb)
  51. The Big Con (27.4Mb)
  52. Print Asper (20.8Mb)
  53. Fall Semester (27.8Mb)
  54. Sundown (13.7Mb)
  55. Spring Term (20.8Mb)
  56. Wind (27.2Mb)
  57. Flashback (13.7Mb)
  58. Dirt (13.7Mb)
  59. Grass (13.7Mb)
  60. Wild West (26.2Mb)
  61. Hickock (26.4Mb)
  62. Hickok (27.2Mb)
  63. Boy (13.7Mb)
  64. Sky (6.3Mb)
  65. Moon (6.3Mb)
  66. Gone Straight (27Mb)
  67. Jesse (13.7Mb)
  68. The Sutler (13.7Mb)
  69. Prairie Happy (27.6Mb)
  70. There Was Never a Horse (27.5Mb)
  71. Fawn (10.4Mb)
  72. How to Kill a Friend (6.9Mb)
  73. How to Die for Nothing (6.7Mb)
  74. Yorky (6.9Mb)
  75. The Buffalo Hunter (reused script) (11.4Mb)
  76. How to Kill a Woman (11.6Mb)
  77. Stolen Horses (11.5Mb)
  78. Professor Lute Bone (11.6Mb)
  79. Custer (23.3Mb)
  80. Kick Me (7.2Mb)
  81. The Lamb (7.4Mb)
  82. The Cast (23.1Mb)
  83. Big Girl Lost (11.4Mb)
  84. The Guitar (11.3Mb)
  85. Stage Holdup (11.4Mb)
  86. Joke's on Us (11.4Mb)
  87. The Bear (6.5Mb)
  88. Nina (11.4Mb)
  89. Gunsmuggler (11.4Mb)
  90. Big Broad (23.1Mb)
  91. The Killer (11.5Mb)
  92. Last Fling (11.4Mb)
  93. Bad Boy (11.5Mb)
  94. The Gentleman (11.3Mb)
  95. Confederate Money (11.3Mb)
  96. Old Friend (11.4Mb)
  97. Blood Money (Sam Edwards) (11.4Mb)
  98. Mr. and Mrs. Amber (Helen Kleeb) (11.3Mb)
  99. Greater Love (John Dehner) (5.7Mb)
  100. What the Whisky Drummer Heard (22.7Mb)
  101. Murder Warrant (11.4Mb)
  102. Cara (11.2Mb)
  103. The Constable (11.4Mb)
  104. The Indian Horse (11Mb)
  105. Monopoly (11.3Mb)
  106. Feud (11.4Mb)
  107. The Blacksmith (11.9Mb)
  108. The Cover Up (11.4Mb)
  109. Going Bad (11.4Mb)
  110. Claustrophobia (11.5Mb)
  111. Word of Honor (22.5Mb)
  112. Hack Prine (28.2Mb)
  113. Texas Cowboys (26.9Mb)
  114. The Queue (27.3Mb)
  115. Matt for Murder (27.5Mb)
  116. No Indians (27.5Mb)
  117. Joe Phy (27.6Mb)
  118. Mavis McCloud (Eleanor Tannin) (13.6Mb)
  119. Young Man with a Gun (13.7Mb)
  120. Obie Tater (13.7Mb)
  121. The Promise aka The Handcuffs (13.7Mb)
  122. The Promise aka The Handcuffs (27.5Mb)
  123. Dooley Surrenders (13.4Mb)
  124. The F.U. (27.5Mb)
  125. Helping Hand (13.6Mb)
  126. Matt Gets It (27.5Mb)
  127. Love of a Good Woman (13.2Mb)
  128. Kitty Caught (Lawrence Dobkin) (13.2Mb)
  129. Ma Tennis (27.5Mb)
  130. The Patsy (13.3Mb)
  131. Wrong Man (13.2Mb)
  132. How to Kill a Woman (27.3Mb)
  133. Cooter (John Dehner) (13.3Mb)
  134. Cholera (13.2Mb)
  135. Bone Hunters (13.5Mb)
  136. Magnus (7.4Mb)
  137. Kitty Lost (13.6Mb)
  138. The Bottle Man (13.7Mb)
  139. Robin Hood (13.4Mb)
  140. Chester's Murder (13.6Mb)
  141. Sins Of The Fathers (27.1Mb)
  142. Young Love (13.7Mb)
  143. Cheyennes (13.7Mb)
  144. Chester's Hanging (13.5Mb)
  145. Poor Pearl (13.3Mb)
  146. Crack-Up (John Dehner) (13.2Mb)
  147. Kite's Reward (13.3Mb)
  148. The Trial (14.3Mb)
  149. The Mistake (14.2Mb)
  150. Horse Deal (13.6Mb)
  151. Bloody Hands (Alafraganza) (13.6Mb)
  152. Skid Row (13.2Mb)
  153. Gypsum Hills Feud (27.5Mb)
  154. Born to Hang (Joseph Kearns) (13.5Mb)
  155. Reward for Matt (13.3Mb)
  156. Potato Road (13.6Mb)
  157. Robber Bridegroom (13.7Mb)
  158. The Liar from Blackhawk (13.7Mb)
  159. Cow Doctor (Tom Hanley) (13.7Mb)
  160. Jealousy (13.7Mb)
  161. Trust (13.7Mb)
  162. The Reed Survives (Michael Ann Barrett) (13.9Mb)
  163. The Army Trial (13.8Mb)
  164. General Parsley Smith (13.7Mb)
  165. Uncle Oliver (13.7Mb)
  166. 20/20 (13.7Mb)
  167. Ben Tolliver's Stud (Norman Macdonnell) (13.7Mb)
  168. Tap Day for Kitty (13.7Mb)
  169. Innocent Broad (13.7Mb)
  170. Johnny Red (Virginia Gregg) (13.7Mb)
  171. Indian Scout (13.6Mb)
  172. Doc Quits (13.6Mb)
  173. Change of Heart (13.4Mb)
  174. Alarm at Pleasant Valley (13.6Mb)
  175. Thoroughbreds (13.7Mb)
  176. Indian White (13.7Mb)
  177. Barton Boy (13.7Mb)
  178. Good Girl - Bad Company (11.4Mb)
  179. The Coward (Vic Perrin) (11.4Mb)
  180. Trouble in Kansas (11.4Mb)
  181. Brush at Elkader (James Nusser) (11.4Mb)
  182. The Choice (Lawrence Dobkin) (11.4Mb)
  183. The Second Choice (11.4Mb)
  184. The Preacher (11.4Mb)
  185. Dutch George (11.4Mb)
  186. Amy's Good Deed (11.4Mb)
  187. Sunny Afternoon (11.4Mb)
  188. Land Deal (11.4Mb)
  189. Scared Kid (11.4Mb)
  190. Twelfth Night (Helen Kleeb)(reused script) (11.4Mb)
  191. Pucket's New Year (James Nusser) (11.4Mb)
  192. Doc's Revenge (11.4Mb)
  193. How to Cure a Friend (17.5Mb)
  194. Romeo (11.4Mb)
  195. Bureaucrat (11.4Mb)
  196. Legal Revenge (11.4Mb)
  197. Kitty's Outlaw (11.4Mb)
  198. The New Hotel (11.4Mb)
  199. Who Lives by the Sword (11.3Mb)
  200. The Hunter (11.3Mb)
  201. Bringing Down Father (12.2Mb)
  202. The Man Who Would Be Marshal (11.4Mb)
  203. Hanging Man (11.4Mb)
  204. How to Sell a Ranch (11.4Mb)
  205. Widow's Mite (11.4Mb)
  206. The Executioner (11.4Mb)
  207. Indian Crazy (11.4Mb)
  208. Doc's Reward (11.2Mb)
  209. The Photographer (11.3Mb)
  210. Cows and Cribs (Jeanette Nolan) (11.4Mb)
  211. Buffalo Man (11.4Mb)
  212. Man Hunter (11.4Mb)
  213. The Pacifist (11.4Mb)
  214. Daddy-O (John McIntire) (11.4Mb)
  215. Cheap Labor (11.4Mb)
  216. Sunday Supplement (11.4Mb)
  217. Gun for Chester (23Mb)
  218. Passive Resistance (11.4Mb)
  219. Letter of the Law (Joseph Kearns) (22.9Mb)
  220. Lynching Man (22.9Mb)
  221. Lost Rifle (11.4Mb)
  222. Sweet and Sour (Harry Bartell) (11.4Mb)
  223. Snakebite (11.4Mb)
  224. Annie Oakley (11.4Mb)
  225. No Sale (11.4Mb)
  226. Old Pal (11.4Mb)
  227. Belle's Back (11.3Mb)
  228. Thick 'n' Thin (11.1Mb)
  229. Box O' Rocks (11.1Mb)
  230. The Brothers (different story than 52-09-06) (11.4Mb)
  231. The Gambler (11.3Mb)
  232. Gunshot Wound (11.4Mb)
  233. 'Til Death Do Us (11.4Mb)
  234. Dirty Bill's Girl (11.4Mb)
  235. Crowbait Bob (Nov 4th broadcast preempted) (11.4Mb)
  236. Pretty Mama (11.4Mb)
  237. Brother Whelp (11.4Mb)
  238. Tail to the Wind (11.4Mb)
  239. Speak to Me Fair (11.4Mb)
  240. Braggart's Boy (11.4Mb)
  241. Cherry Red (11.3Mb)
  242. Beeker's Barn (Ralph Moody) (11.4Mb)
  243. Hound Dog (10.8Mb)
  244. Devil's Hindmost (10.9Mb)
  245. Ozymandias (11.3Mb)
  246. Categorical Imperative (11.4Mb)
  247. Woman Called Mary (5.9Mb)
  248. Cold Fire (9.9Mb)
  249. Hellbent Harriet (8.9Mb)
  250. Doubtful Zone (18.3Mb)
  251. Impact (8.9Mb)
  252. Colleen So Green (10.5Mb)
  253. Grebb Hassle (9.2Mb)
  254. Spring Freshet (16.3Mb)
  255. Spring Freshet (5.5Mb)
  256. Saddle Sore Sal (11.4Mb)
  257. Chicken Smith (9.9Mb)
  258. Rock Bottom (6Mb)
  259. Saludos (11.3Mb)
  260. Bear Trap (11.3Mb)
  261. Medicine Man (6.3Mb)
  262. How to Kill a Friend (reused script) (5.2Mb)
  263. Sheep Dog (11.4Mb)
  264. One Night Stand (11.2Mb)
  265. Pal (10.6Mb)
  266. Ben Tolliver's Stud (Les Crutchfield)(reused script) (7.5Mb)
  267. Dodge Podge (10.5Mb)
  268. Summer Night (10.8Mb)
  269. Home Surgery (reused script) (6.6Mb)
  270. The Buffalo Hunter (19.6Mb)
  271. Word of Honor (reused script) (7.1Mb)
  272. Bloody Hands (Long Branch)(reused script) (11.4Mb)
  273. Kitty Caught (James Nusser)(reused script) (5Mb)
  274. Kitty Caught (18.8Mb)
  275. Cow Doctor (22.5Mb)
  276. Big Hands (22.5Mb)
  277. Jayhawkers (22Mb)
  278. The Peace Officer (18.2Mb)
  279. Grass (22.3Mb)
  280. Jobe's Son (10.8Mb)
  281. Looney McCluny (20.5Mb)
  282. Child Labor (20.5Mb)
  283. Custer (22.8Mb)
  284. Another Man's Poison (10.6Mb)
  285. The Rooks (8.9Mb)
  286. The Margin (9Mb)
  287. Professor Lute Bone (reused script) (6.8Mb)
  288. Man and Boy (9.2Mb)
  289. Bull (11.4Mb)
  290. Gun Shy (10.9Mb)
  291. The Queue (Ben Wright)(reused script) (5.5Mb)
  292. Odd Man Out (11.3Mb)
  293. Jud's Woman (17.9Mb)
  294. Long as I Live (7.2Mb)
  295. Ugly (11.4Mb)
  296. Twelfth Night (December 22 broadcast pre-empted) (Virginia Gregg)(reused script) (5.8Mb)
  297. Where'd They Go? (8.7Mb)
  298. Pucket's New Year (reused script) (5.6Mb)
  299. Second Son (11.2Mb)
  300. Moo Moo Raid (11.4Mb)
  301. One for Lee (11.5Mb)
  302. Kitty's Killing (11.5Mb)
  303. The Joke's on Us (reused script) (4.2Mb)
  304. Bruger's Folly (11.4Mb)
  305. The Surgery (11.1Mb)
  306. The Guitar (reused script) (4.3Mb)
  307. Laughing Gas (10.8Mb)
  308. Real Sent Sonny (11.3Mb)
  309. Indian (11.3Mb)
  310. Why Not (10.1Mb)
  311. Yorky (reused script) (6.1Mb)
  312. Livvie's Loss (10.7Mb)
  313. The Partners (10.5Mb)
  314. The Squaw (10.8Mb)
  315. How to Die for Nothing (May 4th broadcast preempted)(reused script) (8.7Mb)
  316. Little Bird (9.6Mb)
  317. The Stallion (11.1Mb)
  318. Blue Horse (11.4Mb)
  319. Hot Horse Hyatt (11.5Mb)
  320. Old Flame (10.8Mb)
  321. Target (12Mb)
  322. What the Whiskey Drummer Heard (James Nusser)(reused script) (5.8Mb)
  323. Chester's Choice (10.9Mb)
  324. The Proving Kid (9.5Mb)
  325. Marshal Proudfoot (11.2Mb)
  326. The Cast (reused script) (5.6Mb)
  327. Miguel's Daughter (9Mb)
  328. A House Ain't a Home (11.4Mb)
  329. The Piano (10.9Mb)
  330. The Blacksmith (Barney Phillips)(reused script) (5.7Mb)
  331. I Thee Wed (10.2Mb)
  332. Tried It - Didn't Like It (9.9Mb)
  333. False Witness (9.2Mb)
  334. Big Girl Lost (reused script) (4.7Mb)
  335. Kitty's Rebellion (8.8Mb)
  336. Tag, You're It (9.1Mb)
  337. Doc's Showdown (9Mb)
  338. Kick Me (reused script) (4.6Mb)
  339. The Tragedian (11.5Mb)
  340. Old Man's Gold (6.1Mb)
  341. Target - Chester (8.9Mb)
  342. Brush at Elkader (James Westerfield)(reused script) (4.6Mb)
  343. The Correspondent (8.4Mb)
  344. Burning Wagon (8.9Mb)
  345. The Grass Asp (8.9Mb)
  346. Kitty's Injury (8.9Mb)
  347. Where'd They Go? (reused script) (5Mb)
  348. The Choice (reused script) (5.3Mb)
  349. The Coward (Joseph Kearns)(reused script) (5.3Mb)
  350. The Wolfer (13.5Mb)
  351. Kangaroo (11.4Mb)
  352. The Boots (13.3Mb)
  353. The Bobsy Twins (11Mb)
  354. Groat's Grudge (11.5Mb)
  355. Body Snatch (12.2Mb)
  356. Sarah's Search (11.2Mb)
  357. Big Tom (6.9Mb)
  358. Maw Hawkins (10.9Mb)
  359. Incident at Indian Ford (11Mb)
  360. The Trial (Joseph Kearns)(reused script) (10.8Mb)
  361. Laurie's Suitor (13.7Mb)
  362. Trapper's Revenge (5.4Mb)
  363. Chester's Mistake (11.2Mb)
  364. Third Son (10.9Mb)
  365. The Badge (11.6Mb)
  366. Unwanted Deputy (13.6Mb)
  367. Dowager's Visit (13.9Mb)
  368. Scared Boy (20.8Mb)
  369. Wagon Show (11.5Mb)
  370. The Deserter (12.1Mb)
  371. Doc's Indians (11.4Mb)
  372. Kitty's Kidnap (8.4Mb)
  373. Carmen (reused script) (6.8Mb)
  374. Jailbait Janet (reused script) (13Mb)
  375. Emma's Departure (13.1Mb)
  376. Friend's Payoff (11.8Mb)
  377. Second Arrest (11.8Mb)
  378. Old Beller (10.8Mb)
  379. Ball Nine, Take Your Base (12.8Mb)
  380. Mavis McCloud (Barbara Eiler)(reused script) (5.6Mb)
  381. Pokey Pete (12.7Mb)
  382. The Reed Survives (Lynn Allen)(reused script) (6.4Mb)
  383. Shooting Stopover (13Mb)
  384. Matt's Decision (5.7Mb)
  385. Johnny Red (Helen Kleeb)(reused script) (12.6Mb)
  386. Gentlemen's Disagreement (reused script) (11.3Mb)
  387. Personal Justice (11.2Mb)
  388. Hinka-Do (reused script) (10.9Mb)
  389. Kitty's Quandary (13.3Mb)
  390. The Mortgage (reused script) (11.6Mb)
  391. Old Gunfighter (12Mb)
  392. Westbound (reused script) (12.4Mb)
  393. Cavalcade (reused script) (12.2Mb)
  394. The Square Triangle (reused script) (11Mb)
  395. Paid Killer (reused script) (10.9Mb)
  396. Hard Lesson (11.8Mb)
  397. Big Chugg Wilson (11.8Mb)
  398. Don Mateo (11.5Mb)
  399. Beeker's Barn (Joseph Kearns)(reused script) (11.3Mb)
  400. Pucket's New Year (reused script) (10.7Mb)
  401. Trojan War (reused script) (11.1Mb)
  402. Luke's Law (11.6Mb)
  403. Fiery Arrest (11.5Mb)
  404. Bless Me Till I Die (11.6Mb)
  405. Chester's Dilemma (11.7Mb)
  406. Delia's Father (10.8Mb)
  407. Distant Drummer (6.3Mb)
  408. Mr and Mrs Amber (Virginia Gregg)(reused script) (10.1Mb)
  409. Prescribed Killing (13.6Mb)
  410. Blood Money (John Dehner)(reused script) (10Mb)
  411. Unloaded Gun (11.5Mb)
  412. The Constable (Barlett Robinson)(reused script) (5.3Mb)
  413. Indian Baby (11.8Mb)
  414. Greater Love (Vic Perrin)(reused script) (5.7Mb)
  415. Dave's Lesson (11.4Mb)
  416. Solomon River (13.2Mb)
  417. Stage Snatch (11.7Mb)
  418. Nettie Sitton (11.5Mb)
  419. Wrong Man (11.4Mb)
  420. Tall Trapper (7.3Mb)
  421. Bad Seed (12.7Mb)
  422. Fabulous Silver Extender (13.4Mb)
  423. Kitty Accused (13.4Mb)
  424. Line Trouble (10.3Mb)
  425. Little Girl (11.4Mb)
  426. Reluctant Violence (12.3Mb)
  427. Busted Up Guns (10.8Mb)
  428. The Impostor (11.1Mb)
  429. Stage Smash (11.9Mb)
  430. Old Fool (11.5Mb)
  431. The Noose (11.8Mb)
  432. Dangerous Bath (11.8Mb)
  433. The Tumbleweed (11.4Mb)
  434. The Peace Officier (11Mb)
  435. About Chester (11.3Mb)
  436. Two Mothers (13.7Mb)
  437. Doc Judge (11.5Mb)
  438. The Big Itch (13.5Mb)
  439. Born to Hang (6.8Mb)
  440. Crack-Up (11.5Mb)
  441. Newsma'am (13.7Mb)
  442. Never Pester Chester (12.9Mb)
  443. Jedro's Woman (11.4Mb)
  444. The Big Con (12.9Mb)
  445. The Professor (13.6Mb)
  446. Dirt (12.9Mb)
  447. Kitty's Good Neighboring (10.9Mb)
  448. The Cook (10.9Mb)
  449. Hero's Departure (10.6Mb)
  450. Minnie (8.9Mb)
  451. Spring Term (6.3Mb)
  452. Old Faces (11.2Mb)
  453. The Wake (11.4Mb)
  454. Hard Virtue (11.2Mb)
  455. Harriet (11.1Mb)
  456. Love of Money (11.3Mb)
  457. Daddy-O (John Dehner)(reused script) (11.5Mb)
  458. Kitty Love (11.4Mb)
  459. Joe Sleet (10.8Mb)
  460. Melinda Miles (11Mb)
  461. Sweet and Sour (9.2Mb)
  462. Joe Phy (14.3Mb)
  463. No Indians (7.1Mb)
  464. Chester's Inheritance (11.1Mb)
  465. Hangman's Mistake (11.1Mb)
  466. Cooter (10.5Mb)
  467. Father and Son (9.3Mb)
  468. Ex-Urbanites (11.2Mb)
  469. Ma's Justice (10.9Mb)
  470. The Lady Killer (10.9Mb)
  471. Chester's Rendezvous (10.7Mb)
  472. The Sod-Buster (10.9Mb)
  473. Cows and Cribs (Anne Morrison)(reused script) (9.7Mb)
  474. Doc's Visitor (11.1Mb)
  475. Letter of the Law (Vic Perrin)(reused script) (10.9Mb)

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