The Ministry Of Happiness

Sitcom-documentary telling the true story of the first BBC radio station in Wales.
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a two part sitcom telling the unbelievable, but true, story of the first BBC radio station in Wales, which launched from a flat above a music shop in Cardiff in 1923.

With drunken conductors, a frustrated children's presenter who wanted to run the network, and the ever looming presence of the dour Lord Reith, 5WA - broadcasting from Cardiff to very nearly as far as Radyr - was run with a farcical enthusiasm that lends itself perfectly to a sitcom. Though listeners should be advised that writer Gareth Gwynn has had to tone down a few things, to make them more believable.

In the opening episode, Lord Reith is looking for someone to lead his new Welsh network, in time for the grand inaugural broadcast.


Steffan Rhodri Arthur Corbett-Smith
Keiron Self Norman Settle
Nadia Kamil Edith Thatcher
Mali-Ann Rees Vera McCombes-Thomas
Humphrey Ker Lord Reith & Rex Palmer
Vern Griffiths Frederick Roberts
Gareth Gwynn Lord Gainsford

Produced by Victoria Lloyd

  1. Cardiff (13.2Mb)
  2. Swansea (12.5Mb)

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