Hector Berlioz; A Romantic Tragedy

LibriVox recording of Herbert Francis Peyser's book
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LibriVox recording of Hector Berlioz; A Romantic Tragedy by Herbert Francis Peyser.

Read in English by David Wales.

How much more futile is it to attempt on the minuscule scale of the following tiny, if rambling, pamphlet to touch upon even a thousandth of those achievements and unremitting conflicts which entered into the texture of this master's agitated and inharmonious life! Actually, it aims to do no more than contribute a mite toward a larger interest in the writings and the great mass of insufficiently discovered compositions of a Romanticist whose labors are still surprisingly unrecognized art works of the future. ( Author's Foreword)

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M4B Audiobook (37MB)

  1. Foreword (1.9Mb)
  2. Part 1 (28.6Mb)
  3. Part 2 (23.8Mb)
  4. Part 3 (24.9Mb)

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