Hearing With Hegley

Comic poetry and songs, with John Hegley
from archive.org

The poet laureate of alternative comedy, John Hegley, entertains an audience with his book of verse, accompanied by the Popticians.

  1. s1 e1 (22.3Mb)
  2. s1 e2 (22.5Mb)
  3. s1 e3 (22.2Mb)
  4. s1 e4 (22.3Mb)
  5. s1 e5 (22.3Mb)
  6. s1 e6 (22.2Mb)
  7. s2 e1 (22Mb)
  8. s2 e2 (20.7Mb)
  9. s2 e3 (21.1Mb)
  10. s2 e4 (20.9Mb)
  11. s2 e5 (20.5Mb)
  12. s2 e6 (20.6Mb)
  13. s2 e7 (21.1Mb)
  14. s2 e8 (20.6Mb)
  15. s3 e1 (6.4Mb)
  16. s3 e2 (22.6Mb)
  17. s3 e3 (21.2Mb)
  18. s3 e4 (22.3Mb)
  19. s3 e5 (22.4Mb)
  20. s3 e6 (22.6Mb)
  21. s3 e7 (21.8Mb)
  22. s3 e8 (22.4Mb)

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