Comic drama set in a hairdresser's

Bev runs "HighLites", the only hairdressing salon in the town of Bridgford, assisted by her naive but willing assistant Shirley. The trouble is that not only are they incompetent, but Bev is also an interfering gossip, who ends up getting herself and others into trouble.

  1. HighLites 06 (23.8Mb)
  2. HighLites 05 (23.5Mb)
  3. HighLites 04 (23.4Mb)
  4. HighLites 03 (23.3Mb)
  5. HighLites 02 (23.2Mb)
  6. HighLites 01 (23.4Mb)
  7. HighLites (15.1Mb)

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