Holding Back the Tide
Written by Nick Warburton

The Vauxgarth Pig: When southerners Richard (played by Paul Ritter of British TVís Friday Night Dinner) and Clare (Kate Duchene, best known for playing Miss Hardbroom, in the British TV adaptation of The Worst Witch) inherit a house in Yorkshire,who would think that a pig could prove so important?

Democracy: Clare suggest they need a voice on the council the result is anything but the democratic process she imagined.

I Want to Thank You All: This play finds Richard, Clare and John paying a visit to a famous resident when John takes off with what he believes rightly to belong to the town.

Herring Week: This play sees Clare getting a job running Herring Week, but someone attempts a coup.

The main weight of the plays rest with the three actors listed above, and they do it so well. The plays are warm hearted and diverting. The character of John Hector provides ample examples of exasperation points. More than mere whimsy, the eccentricity of the action and characters hold the listenersí attention throughout. If ĎOn Mardle Fení is somewhere out there those plays deserve a place here - if at all possible.

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