Home Again

Sitcom about a man returning to his family after twenty years
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As suddenly as he disappeared, Fulton Jones returns to his family – wife Margaret and children Rosie and Martin.

He went to the newsagent to buy matches 20 years before and, bold as brass, waltzes back assuming his role as father figure once more.

Margaret is perplexed, whilst Rosie and Martin are furious!

Starring Robin Bailey.

Sitcom written by Peter Tinniswood.

Fulton ...... Robin Bailey
Margaret ...... Doreen Mantle
Rosie ...... Liz Goulding
Martin ...... David Troughton
Ernest ...... Christopher Benjamin

Producer: Griff Rhys Jones

  1. The Family Gathering (42.2Mb)
  2. Old Habits (44.4Mb)
  3. Enter The Airship (42.7Mb)
  4. Courage, Mother Courage (43.2Mb)
  5. Doctor Thumper And The Incredibly Inky Ruker (44.2Mb)
  6. Poling Off (44.3Mb)

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