The Adventures of Horatio Hornblower

1950s adaptation of the Napoleonic Wars–era naval stories
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Historical action adventure series produced by Harry Towers in 1952. The series was a 30-minute show revolving around the life of Horatio Hornblower, a Captain in the Royal Navy of the British Empire which was played by Michael Redgrave. The protagonist of the show was adapted from the series of 12 novels created by C. S. Forester entitled "Hornblower".

  1. Horatio Deals with a Mad King (6.3Mb)
  2. Horatio Captures the Natividad (6.8Mb)
  3. Shakey Alliance with El Supremo (5Mb)
  4. Battle Against El Supremo (5.1Mb)
  5. Lydia Sinks the Natividad (5Mb)
  6. Damaged Lydia Heads for Panama (4.9Mb)
  7. Return to the Fleet (6.3Mb)
  8. Return to the Sea (6.7Mb)
  9. Protecting the Convoy (4.9Mb)
  10. Disguised As a French Ship (5Mb)
  11. Guerilla Action (5Mb)
  12. Mutiny on the Flame (5.1Mb)
  13. Disguised As the Flame (5Mb)
  14. Capture of Le Harve, the (5.1Mb)
  15. Napoleon Is Defeated (4.5Mb)
  16. Prisoner in 1811, a (4.9Mb)
  17. Horatio Meets Marie and Escapes (4.9Mb)
  18. Horatio Captures a Ship (4.9Mb)
  19. Rejoining the Fleet (4.4Mb)
  20. Horatio Is Court Martialed (4.3Mb)
  21. Into the Baltic (6.4Mb)
  22. Chasing the Blanche Fluer (6.4Mb)
  23. Alliance with Russia (4.9Mb)
  24. Reception with the Czar (4.8Mb)
  25. Attack on Fort At Fisher's Half (4.9Mb)
  26. Port of Riga (4.9Mb)
  27. Delaying the French (4.7Mb)
  28. French Are Stopped, the (4.4Mb)
  29. Duel, the (4.9Mb)
  30. Spanish Leave Napoleon, the (4.8Mb)
  31. Hornblower's First Command (4.5Mb)
  32. Prisoner of the French on the 'Peek' (4.6Mb)
  33. With the 43rd Marines (4.9Mb)
  34. Spain Becomes Neutral (4.8Mb)
  35. Exam for Lieutenant (6.7Mb)
  36. Quartined for the Plague (4.8Mb)
  37. Chasing the Papillion (4.8Mb)
  38. Command of the La Mouch (4.8Mb)
  39. Prisoner and Rescue of Spanish (4.9Mb)
  40. First Meeting with Bush (4.7Mb)
  41. Planning Mutiny on the Renoun (4.8Mb)
  42. First Attact on Haiti Fails (4.8Mb)
  43. Attact on Haiti Fort (4.9Mb)
  44. Yellow Fever (4.9Mb)
  45. Fighting the Spanish on the Renoun (4.8Mb)
  46. Promoted to Captain of the Retribution (7Mb)

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