How to Appreciate Music

LibriVox recording of Gustav Kobbé's 1906 book
from archive.org

LibriVox recording of How to Appreciate Music, by Gustav Kobbé

Originally published in 1906, this book is essentially a how to guide on music appreciation. Includes sections on the pianoforte, orchestral, and vocal music. Good for anyone who wishes for a greater appreciation of the wonders of music. (Summary by prwells32)

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Download M4B (201MB)

  1. Introduction (4.7Mb)
  2. The Pianoforte (39.7Mb)
  3. Bach's Service to Music (48.8Mb)
  4. From Fugue to Sonata (35.9Mb)
  5. Dawn of the Romantic Period (32.3Mb)
  6. Chopin, the Poet of the Pianoforte (27.1Mb)
  7. Schumann, the (11.3Mb)
  8. Liszt, the Giant among Virtuosos (27.7Mb)
  9. With Paderewski - A Modern Pianist on Tour (16.2Mb)
  10. Development of the Orchestra (20.4Mb)
  11. Instruments of the Orchestra (22.7Mb)
  12. Concerning Symphonies (15.9Mb)
  13. Richard Strauss and His Music (27.7Mb)
  14. A Note on Chamber Music (6.3Mb)
  15. Songs and Song Composers (25.4Mb)
  16. Oratorio (15.7Mb)
  17. Opera and Music-Drama (25.2Mb)

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