To Hull and Back

Warm-hearted sitcom set in Hull
from archive.org

Sophie still lives at home with her mum in Hull. They make a living doing car boot sales at the weekend.
Except they don't really make a living because her mum can't bear to get rid of any of their junk. Plus, they don't have a car.
As their house gets more cluttered, Sophie feels more trapped. Sophie dreams of moving to London to meet her dad and to become a famous actress.

Will this dream come true?

Sitcom written by former BBC New Comedy Award winner, Lucy Beaumont.

Pilot starring Lucy Beaumont and Maureen Lipman.

Sophie ...... Lucy Beaumont
Sheila ...... Maureen Lipman
Jean ...... Kerrie Marsh
Ernie ...... Norman Lovett
Michelle ...... Jemma Walker
Sadie ...... Jaimi Barbakoff

Producer: Carl Cooper

  1. The French Connection (44.5Mb)
  2. Crying In The Chapel (44.7Mb)
  3. An Affair To Forget (44.6Mb)
  4. My Casa Is Your Casa (44.3Mb)
  5. It’s My Party (44.6Mb)
  6. This Must Be (43.9Mb)
  7. Is There Anyone out There? (44.6Mb)
  8. Is That You Mr Brown (44.6Mb)
  9. Where Do You Think You’re Going? (44.4Mb)
  10. Last Chance Salon (44.2Mb)
  11. Stockholm Syndrome (44.6Mb)
  12. Fourth In Show (44Mb)
  13. Welcome To The Family (44.6Mb)

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