Armando Iannucci's Radio One Music Shows

Armando Iannucci's 1993/1995 series.
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Taking a similar format to Chris Morris and Lee & Herring's radio shows that were broadcast around the same time, Armando Iannucci was flanked throughout these shows by Peter Baynham and David Schneider. Also making appearances (with varying degrees of regularity) are Richard Herring, Stewart Lee, Rebecca Front and Steve Coogan.

Iannucci's considerable editing skills are given showcases with The Best Of....Simon Bates' "Our Tune" while his imagination runs riot over a number of subjects and phone in ideas. Guests contribute characters and seemingly ad-libbed ideas throughout the shows. The first series consists of two half-hour shows, the second of four hour-long outings.

  1. Series 1, Episode 1 (27th March 1993) (12.4Mb)
  2. Series 1, Episode 2 (4th April 1993) (11.4Mb)
  3. Series 2, Episode 1a (9th January 1995) (11.7Mb)
  4. Series 2, Episode 1b (9th January 1995) (11.1Mb)
  5. Series 2, Episode 2a (16th January 1995) (13.4Mb)
  6. Series 2, Episode 2b (16th January 1995) (13.1Mb)
  7. Series 2, Episode 3a (23rd January 1995) (13.5Mb)
  8. Series 2, Episode 3b (23rd January 1995) (12.8Mb)
  9. Series 2, Episode 4a (30th January 1995) (13.6Mb)
  10. Series 2, Episode 4b (30th January 1995) (13Mb)

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