Alistair MacLean's Ice Station Zebra
The cold war classic set in the Arctic

A classic thriller from the bestselling master of action and suspense, Alistair MacLean

The atomic submarine Dolphin has impossible orders: to sail beneath the ice-floes of the Arctic Ocean to locate and rescue the men of weather-station Zebra, gutted by fire and drifting with the ice-pack somewhere north of the Arctic Circle.

But the orders do not say what the Dolphin will find if she succeeds – that the fire at Ice Station Zebra was sabotage, and that one of the survivors is a killer…

Performed by Steve Hodson

  1. Chapter 1 (10.8Mb)
  2. Chapter 2 (7.3Mb)
  3. Chapter 3 (9.8Mb)
  4. Chapter 4 (12.7Mb)
  5. Chapter 5 (14.6Mb)
  6. Chapter 6 (12Mb)
  7. Chapter 7 (14.7Mb)
  8. Chapter 8 (14.2Mb)
  9. Chapter 9 (10.2Mb)
  10. Chapter 10 (9.6Mb)
  11. Chapter 11 (8.5Mb)
  12. Chapter 12 (8.7Mb)
  13. Chapter 13 (4.9Mb)

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