Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers
Cult sci-fi read by Chris Barrie

Red Dwarf audiobook read by Rimmer himself - Chris Barrie.

1 A raucous birthday bar crawl leads Dave Lister to a moon of Saturn and a fateful meeting.

2 Now a lowly technician on a spaceship, and five years from Earth, Dave Lister is in love.

3 Lister goes into stasis. Rimmer fails an exam. The rest of the crew have a bad day too.

4 The crew gain two new recruits. Namely, a vain feline descendant and a neurotic mechanoid.

5 The prospect of female company spurs on a rescue mission from Dave Lister and crewmates.

6 Dave Lister and the crew get answers they don't want, to questions they're afraid to ask.

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