Information Please
American quiz show with questions submitted by listeners

Information Please was an American radio quiz show, created by Dan Golenpaul, which aired on NBC from May 17, 1938 to April 22, 1951. The title was the contemporary phrase used to request from telephone operators what was then called "information" but is now called "directory assistance".

The series was moderated by Clifton Fadiman. A panel of experts would attempt to answer questions submitted by listeners. For the first few shows, a listener was paid $2 for a question that was used, and $5 more if the experts could not answer it correctly. When the show got its first sponsor (Canada Dry), the total amounts were increased to $5 and $10 respectively. A complete Encyclopędia Britannica was later added to the prize for questions that stumped the panel. The amounts went up to $10 and $25 when Lucky Strike took over sponsorship of the program.

By 1948, the prizes changed to the following: submitting a question awarded the viewer an Encyclopędia Britannica world atlas, and stumping the panel added a $50 savings bond plus the complete Encyclopedia. Also, they replaced the regular sponsorship with a different sponsor for certain broadcasts.

  1. Harry Overstreet, Marcus Dufield (10.4Mb)
  2. John Erskine, Bernard Jaffe, Marcus Duffield (10.4Mb)
  3. Marc Connolly (7Mb)
  4. Oscar Levant (5.8Mb)
  5. Carmen Show (10.3Mb)
  6. Oscar Levant (9.8Mb)
  7. Quincy Howe, George S Kaufman (9.8Mb)
  8. Thomas Craven, Ben Hect (10.4Mb)
  9. Oscar Levant, John Gunther (6.9Mb)
  10. Moss Hart, Quincy Howe, George Kaufman (6.5Mb)
  11. Alton Cook, Alice Dever Miller (6.6Mb)
  12. Percy Waxman (6.7Mb)
  13. Ben Hect (6.7Mb)
  14. Ben Bernie, Bernard Jaffe (10.2Mb)
  15. Percy Waxman (6.6Mb)
  16. Basil Rathbone, Sigmund Spaeth (6.5Mb)
  17. Dorothy Thompson, William Bonnell (6.5Mb)
  18. Lillian Gish (6.8Mb)
  19. Gene Tunney (9.9Mb)
  20. Lillian Gish (6.8Mb)
  21. Oswald Jacoby (6.7Mb)
  22. John Gunther (6.5Mb)
  23. Kathleen Norris (6.5Mb)
  24. William Lyon Phelps, Yale Professor (6.6Mb)
  25. Cornelia Otis Skinner, Erwin Edgar (6.5Mb)
  26. Alxender Wolcott (7Mb)
  27. General Hugh Johnson (7Mb)
  28. Gilbert Seldes, Elizabeth Hoare (6.7Mb)
  29. University of Michigan Student - Myron Wallace (6.7Mb)
  30. Russel Crause, Frank Sullivan (6.7Mb)
  31. Moe Berg (6.9Mb)
  32. John Gunther (6.6Mb)
  33. Rex Stout, Moss Hart (6.7Mb)
  34. Deems Taylor, Marc Duffield (6.5Mb)
  35. HV Kaltenborn (6.5Mb)
  36. Arthur Crock, Alice Roosevelt Longworth (6.4Mb)
  37. John P Marquand (6.6Mb)
  38. Bernard Jaffe, Clarence Buddington Kellen (6.5Mb)
  39. Stanley Walker (9.8Mb)
  40. Helen Wills Moody (9.8Mb)
  41. Gracie Allen, John Gunther (6.4Mb)
  42. Wilber Cross (6.5Mb)
  43. Lillian Gish, Marc Duffield (6.7Mb)
  44. Elliot Roosevelt (6.6Mb)
  45. Clarence B Kellen, William Peavey (6.7Mb)
  46. Maury Maverick (6.6Mb)
  47. Russel Krause, James Kiernan (6.6Mb)
  48. H Napier Moore (6.5Mb)
  49. Rex Stout, Wilford Funk (6.5Mb)
  50. Raymond Graham Swing (6.5Mb)
  51. Alice Marble, Bernard Jaffe (6.5Mb)
  52. P Cal Simms (9.8Mb)
  53. Rex Stout, Carl Van Doren (9.8Mb)
  54. Dean C Mildred Thompson of Vasser College (6.6Mb)
  55. Christopher Morley, John T Flynn (6.6Mb)
  56. Moe Berg (6.5Mb)
  57. Deems Taylor, Louis Untermeyer (9.8Mb)
  58. Carl Sandberg (6.6Mb)
  59. Christopher Morley, Marcus Jacques (6.8Mb)
  60. James Farley (6.5Mb)
  61. Moe Berg, JP MacElvoy (6.5Mb)
  62. Deems Taylor, Henry Pringle (6.7Mb)
  63. Walter B Pitkin (6.5Mb)
  64. Christopher Morley, Albert Spaulding (9.4Mb)
  65. Sir Cedric Hardwick (13.3Mb)
  66. Carl Van Doren, Gloria Stewart (6.4Mb)
  67. Walter Wanger (6.4Mb)
  68. Christopher Morley, James Roosevelt (12.5Mb)
  69. Henry Beedle Hough (9.9Mb)
  70. Jan Struther, John Gunther (6.6Mb)
  71. Otto Tallicious (6.6Mb)
  72. Alva Johnson, Marc Connolly (6.6Mb)
  73. Clair Boothe (6.6Mb)
  74. Jan Struther, Louis Bromfield (6.6Mb)
  75. Louis Hacker (6.5Mb)
  76. Deems Taylor, Herbert Bayard Swope of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel (9.9Mb)
  77. John Mason Brown (9.9Mb)
  78. Christopher Morley (9.5Mb)
  79. Fred Allen (10.1Mb)
  80. Warden Louis E Law, Deems Taylor (10.1Mb)
  81. Leon Henderson (10Mb)
  82. Elmer Rice, Jan Struther (6.6Mb)
  83. Professor Ernest Albert Puton (6.7Mb)
  84. Louis Bromfield, Herbert Marshall (13.3Mb)
  85. Walter Edmonds (9.9Mb)
  86. Deems Taylor, Vincent Sheehan (6.8Mb)
  87. Judge James C Wallace, Kenneth Simpson (6.5Mb)
  88. Owen Davis (6.7Mb)
  89. Boris Karloff, Warden Lewis E Laws (6.6Mb)
  90. Alexander Wolcott, Sj Perleman (6.7Mb)
  91. Jan Struther, Sir Wilmot Lewis (6.6Mb)
  92. Deems Taylor, Dr Henry Noble McCracken (6.7Mb)
  93. Jo Davidson (6.8Mb)
  94. John O'Hara, Deems Taylor (6.3Mb)
  95. Christopher Morley, Elmer F Slavin (6.6Mb)
  96. Claude Wickard (6.8Mb)
  97. Roland Young, Deems Taylor (6.7Mb)
  98. Elsa Lanchester (9Mb)
  99. John Gunther, Lymon Bryson (6.8Mb)
  100. Philip Merrivale (6.7Mb)
  101. Rex Stout, Henry Curran - Chief Magistrate (6.7Mb)
  102. Paul Lukas (6.2Mb)
  103. Donald Ogden Stuart (6.8Mb)
  104. Gene Tunney (6.8Mb)
  105. Frank Sullivan, Dick Maney (6.7Mb)
  106. Third Anniversary Show (6.8Mb)
  107. Cornelia Otis Skinner, Jan Struther (6.6Mb)
  108. Sally Benson (6.6Mb)
  109. William Tilden (6.6Mb)
  110. Judge James Wallace, Governor Alfred E Smith (6.6Mb)
  111. Alfred Hitchcock (9.9Mb)
  112. John Gunther, Walter Durante (9.9Mb)
  113. Mary Boland (10.1Mb)
  114. Lyman Bryson, Dr Henry Noble McCracken (10.3Mb)
  115. Larry Macphale (9.7Mb)
  116. Deems Taylor, Russel Krause (10Mb)
  117. Deems Taylor (9.1Mb)
  118. Louis Bromfield, Margarite Leach (9.8Mb)
  119. Stephen Vincent Bonet (9.7Mb)
  120. Sir Thomas Beecham, Jan Struther (9.4Mb)
  121. Lefty Gomez, Mayor Fiorellio Laguardia (9.7Mb)
  122. no title (11.9Mb)
  123. Cs Forester, Russell Krause (15.6Mb)
  124. Groucho Marx (10.2Mb)
  125. Douglas Miller (16Mb)
  126. Cornelia Otis Skinner (15.6Mb)
  127. Drew Person, Robert Allen (15.9Mb)
  128. Edna Ferber, Deems Taylor (15.7Mb)
  129. Dr George N Shuster (15.7Mb)
  130. Jan Struther, Joseph E Davies (16.1Mb)
  131. John Gunther (15.7Mb)
  132. Paul Galico, Russell Krause (15.6Mb)
  133. Alexander Wolcott, Deems Taylor (16.1Mb)
  134. Ruth Hussey, Christopher Morley (16.2Mb)
  135. Boris Karloff, John Carradine (15.9Mb)
  136. Emil Ludwig (16.4Mb)
  137. Julian Huxley, Jan Struther (16.6Mb)
  138. John Carradine, Sir Thomas Beecham (16.2Mb)
  139. Wallace R Dual (16.7Mb)
  140. Grantland Rice (16.3Mb)
  141. Margaret Webster, Richard Manney (16.1Mb)
  142. Roland Young, Deems Taylor (16.2Mb)
  143. Wallace R Dual (16.6Mb)
  144. Cornelia Otis Skinner, Christopher Morley (16.5Mb)
  145. Hi Philips, Deems Taylor (16.7Mb)
  146. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr (16.3Mb)
  147. Paul Gallico, Arthur Garfield Hayes (16.3Mb)
  148. Ned Sparks, Russell Krause (9.9Mb)
  149. Dr Mildred McCaulfie (9.9Mb)
  150. Leon Henderson, Raymond Clapper (9.6Mb)
  151. Quincy Howe (9.8Mb)
  152. Cs Forrester, Jan Struther (10Mb)
  153. Alva Johnson (10Mb)
  154. Orson Welles, Christopher Morley (9.9Mb)
  155. Leon Henderson (9.8Mb)
  156. Robert St John, Deems Taylor (9.4Mb)
  157. Gregory Ratoff (9.9Mb)
  158. Carl Sandburg, Christopher Morley (9.7Mb)
  159. Hanson W Baldwin (9.7Mb)
  160. Louie Bromfield (9.8Mb)
  161. Leon Henderson, Wilma Lord Henderson (2.3Mb)
  162. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge Jr, Governor Leverett Saltenstahl (9.7Mb)
  163. William L Shirer, Christopher Morley (9.4Mb)
  164. Ilka Chase (9.7Mb)
  165. James Wallace, Leon Henderson (10Mb)
  166. Gregory Ratoff (10Mb)
  167. Will Rogers, Jr (10.1Mb)
  168. Charles Coburn, Deems Taylor (9.7Mb)
  169. Alfred Hitchcock (16.1Mb)
  170. Emily Kimbrough, Cornelia Otis Skinner (15.6Mb)
  171. Jan Struther (16.3Mb)
  172. Fred Allen (10.1Mb)
  173. Will Rogers, Jr (10.3Mb)
  174. Gregory Ratoff (10Mb)
  175. Jan Struther (10.3Mb)
  176. Colonel Carlos Romules (10.4Mb)
  177. Cornelia Otis Skinner, Jan Struther (10.2Mb)
  178. Wendel Wilkie (10.4Mb)
  179. Ford Frick, Grantland Rice (10.1Mb)
  180. Leon Henderson (10.1Mb)
  181. George V Denny, Jr (10.2Mb)
  182. Boris Karloff, Jan Struther (10.2Mb)
  183. Ethel Barrymore, Richard Manney (10.5Mb)
  184. Sir Thomas Beecham (5.9Mb)
  185. Marsha Davenport, Deems Taylor (6.7Mb)
  186. George Saunders (6.4Mb)
  187. Dr C Mildred Thompson, Christopher Morley (6.6Mb)
  188. Walter Youst (6.7Mb)
  189. Jan Struther (6.6Mb)
  190. Marsha Davenport, Deems Taylor (6.5Mb)
  191. Clair Booth Luce (6.6Mb)
  192. James W Fullbright (6.4Mb)
  193. Red Barber, Bill Stern (6.2Mb)
  194. Donald Colruth Seedy, Dr William Beedy (6.3Mb)
  195. Marsha Davenport (4.7Mb)
  196. Richard Lockridge, John Mason Brown (6.4Mb)
  197. Bette Smith (6.5Mb)
  198. Senator Lester Hill, Senator Joseph Ball (6.4Mb)
  199. Gregory Ratoff (6.5Mb)
  200. Russell Krause, Moss Hart (6.5Mb)
  201. Arturo Rubenstein (6.4Mb)
  202. Louis Brown, Sinclair Lewis (6.4Mb)
  203. Quincy Howe, Dr Ts Choong (6.4Mb)
  204. Jesse Stewart, Oscar Levant (6.4Mb)
  205. Leon Henderson, Jan Struther (6.5Mb)
  206. Louis Bromfield (6.3Mb)
  207. Christopher Morley, Rep John F Coffee (6.3Mb)
  208. John P Marquand (6.7Mb)
  209. Elizabeth Janeway, Deems Taylor (6.8Mb)
  210. Franchot Tone (6.7Mb)
  211. Senator Alban Barcley, Senator Theodore Green (6.6Mb)
  212. Alexander Knox, Jan Struther (6.6Mb)
  213. Arturo Rubenstein, Louis Brown (6.6Mb)
  214. Christopher Morley, Will Durant (6.6Mb)
  215. Fred Allen, James Wallace (6.4Mb)
  216. Jan Struther, Russell Krause (6.4Mb)
  217. Clifton Webb, Moss Hart (6.5Mb)
  218. Faith Baldwin, Fred Allen (6.5Mb)
  219. John Gunther, Gregory Ratoff (6Mb)

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