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In Sickness and in health

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  1. Two Christmas Dinners (0Mb)
  2. Alf's Story (0Mb)
  3. Eyesight Problems (0Mb)
  4. Home Help (0Mb)
  5. The Neighbours (0Mb)
  6. Rita Visits (0Mb)
  7. Powered Wheelchair (0Mb)
  8. Else's Funeral (0Mb)
  9. Locked Out (0Mb)
  10. Alf Acts Strange (0Mb)
  11. A Pint with Arthur (0Mb)
  12. In the Money (0Mb)
  13. Two Sisters Visit (0Mb)
  14. Christmas Troubles for Alf (0Mb)
  15. Rita's Divorce (0Mb)
  16. The AIDS Leaflet (0Mb)
  17. Cordless Telephone (0Mb)
  18. The Seance (0Mb)
  19. Fight at the Tea Dance (0Mb)
  20. Winter Heating Allowance (0Mb)
  21. Christmas In Hospital (0Mb)
  22. Possible Trip Down Under (0Mb)
  23. To Get Married Again (0Mb)
  24. Alf Gets Engaged (0Mb)
  25. Prepering For a trip (0Mb)
  26. Off to Australia (0Mb)
  27. Sightseeing Down Under 1 (0Mb)
  28. Sightseeing Down Under 2 (0Mb)
  29. Christmas On A Pension (0Mb)
  30. Power Cut (0Mb)
  31. Suicide (0Mb)
  32. X-Rays (0Mb)
  33. Window Cleaning (0Mb)
  34. Dogs (0Mb)
  35. Jury (0Mb)
  36. Courtroom (0Mb)
  37. Bus (0Mb)
  38. Storm (0Mb)
  39. Wedding (0Mb)
  40. Jilted at Christmas (0Mb)
  41. Still Engaged (0Mb)
  42. Mrs Thatcher's Man (0Mb)
  43. Discomfort of Others (0Mb)
  44. No More Care for Alf (0Mb)
  45. Briefcase Full of Money (0Mb)
  46. Alf the Rich Man (0Mb)
  47. Alf Enjoying Life (0Mb)

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