Inspector Steine
BBC Radio 4 comedy thriller

The series of Lynne Truss's hugely popular BBC Radio 4 comedy
thriller set in 1950s Brighton. A place of knickerbocker glories, end-of-the
pier shows... and an enormous amount of unsolved crime.Step forward Inspector Steine. Naive and
innocent, he believes that he wiped out all the villains at a single stroke
in the Middle Street Massacre when seventeen local hoodlums gunned each other
to death. Fortunately, long-suffering Sergeant Brunswick is at hand to help Steine with his enquiries. Aided by keen Constable Twitten, they must find the criminal mastermind who is
operating undetected in their midst.

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  1. s01e01- Operation Whoooo (0Mb)
  2. s01e02- His Last Review (0Mb)
  3. s01e03- Eyes Down (0Mb)
  4. s01e04- That's the Way To Do It (0Mb)
  5. s01e05- The Woman (0Mb)
  6. s01e06- The Anniversary (0Mb)
  7. s02e01- The Entertainer (0Mb)
  8. s02e02- On the Road (0Mb)
  9. s02e03- The Smallest Show on Earth (0Mb)
  10. s02e04- The Uses of Literacy (0Mb)
  11. s02e05- Room at the Top (0Mb)
  12. s02e06- End Game (0Mb)
  13. s03e01 - While The Sun Shines (0Mb)
  14. s03e02 - Separate Tables (0Mb)
  15. s03e03 - Harlequinade (0Mb)
  16. s03e04 - Variation on A Theme (0Mb)
  17. s03e05 - In Praise of Love (0Mb)
  18. s03e06 - The Deep Blue Sea (0Mb)
  19. s04e01 - Towards the End (0Mb)
  20. s04e02 - Nearer to the End (0Mb)
  21. s04e03 - The End in Sight (0Mb)
  22. s04e04 - The Home Stretch (0Mb)
  23. s04e05 - Not Long (0Mb)
  24. s04e06 - The End (0Mb)
  25. s04e07 - The Christmas of Inspector Steine (0Mb)

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