In The Red, Balance, Chair and End
Crime reporter George Cragg investigates

A new crime wave hits London - bank managers are being murdered through the use of pound coins. The police are mystified and BBC crime reporter George Cragg decides to investigate - when he can tear himself away from the pub that is...

The second George Cragg mystery. BBC crime reporter George Cragg and his police colleagues are back on the murder trail, this time with bizarre links to the World Cup.

The third George Cragg murder mystery, and this time it's dentists who are being pursued by a serial killer.

The final round of investigations for George Cragg. This time it's serious - the victims are journalists...

  1. S01E01 - In The Red (9.5Mb)
  2. S01E02 - In The Red (9.5Mb)
  3. S01E03 - In The Red (9.4Mb)
  4. S01E04 - In The Red (9.5Mb)
  5. S01E05 - In The Red (9.5Mb)
  6. S01E06 - In The Red (9.6Mb)
  7. S01E07 - In The Red (9.6Mb)
  8. S02E01 - In The Balance (12.7Mb)
  9. S02E02 - In The Balance (12.7Mb)
  10. S02E03 - In The Balance (12.7Mb)
  11. S02E04 - In The Balance (12.7Mb)
  12. S02E05 - In The Balance (12.5Mb)
  13. S02E06 - In The Balance (12.6Mb)
  14. S03E01 - In The Chair (12.9Mb)
  15. S03E02 - In The Chair (12.4Mb)
  16. S03E03 - In The Chair (12.5Mb)
  17. S03E04 - In The Chair (12.8Mb)
  18. S03E05 - In The Chair (12.4Mb)
  19. S03E06 - In The Chair (12.1Mb)
  20. S04E01 - In The End (12.5Mb)
  21. S04E02 - In The End (12.8Mb)
  22. S04E03 - In The End (12.7Mb)
  23. S04E04 - In The End (12.8Mb)
  24. S04E05 - In The End (12.7Mb)
  25. S04E06 - In The End (12.8Mb)

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