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Poems, songs and relaxation tips from Ivor Cutler and friends
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A Studgy Pen
Poems, songs and relaxation tips from Ivor Cutler & friends

A Wet Handle

More surreal poetic musings and ditties from Ivor Cutler & friends.

Cutler The Lax [Ep1 Missing]

The Scottish poet, songwriter and humorist entertains with surreal vignettes.

Glasgow Dreamer 80th Birthday

Ivor Cutler At 90 [BBC R4 Archive Hour]

First broadcast: Saturday 10 August 2013

"I have a harmonium and it's going to explode in two minutes", were the opening words spoken on the Andy Kershaw Show in 1980 by a gentle voiced Scotsman called Ivor Cutler.

Championed by everyone from the Beatles to Billy Connolly, Ivor Cutler was a poet, humorist and absurdist whose appearances on BBC radio and television span over 5 decades.

As well as producing a vast body of records, books and plays, Ivor was a notable eccentric, often seen cycling around London in plus fours, handing out homemade stickers and badges to strangers.

To mark what would have been Ivor's 90th birthday, BBC Radio 4 holds a 'party', to celebrate his life and BBC archive in particular. Except a full house, with performers, fans, collaborators and even his long-term partner, Phyllis King, introducing their favourite poems, songs and memories of Ivor. Weirdness from the archives, pleasure for fans, and a singular introduction to those encountering him for the very first time.
Highlights include Bramwell and King re-enacting a morse code performance of "The Little Black Buzzer".

Presenter: David Bramwell is a writer, musician and, recently, presenter of Sony Award winning "The Haunted Moustache". He is the founder of the "Catalyst Club"; a place for enthusiasts to speak on any subject close to their heart. Ivor Cutler is a subject close to his, having kept correspondence with him in the 1980's.

Ivor Cutler's Little Squeaks & Creaks [BBC Scotland Comedy Zone]

Jelly Mountain

King Cutler

Prince Ivor [Opera]

Sweet Inspiration [BBC Radio Scotland 95]

The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler

Drama on 3

The fragmented life of the surrealist, poet, songwriter and eccentric, Ivor Cutler. He shot to fame, when The Beatles cast him in The Magical Mystery Tour. George Martin produced his records, John Peel had him on numerous sessions, Bertrand Russell admired him, he wrote plays for Radio 3. But it is his voice that distinguishes Cutler. His studied melancholia and frail persona tells naive fables which have an existential sting in the tail. He grew up in Glasgow when the pursuit of happiness was never going to be written in the constitution.

The radio adaptation is based on an original play by Vanishing Point and National Theatre of Scotland created by Sandy Grierson, James Fortune and Matthew Lenton, with Ed Gaughan and the company.

Like most 'loveable' eccentrics Ivor was a provocateur. Off stage we also tell the love story of Ivor and the poet Phyllis King who were together 40 years. It is a romance told in tiny moments of cups of tea and trips to the zoo, and his most lovely song: Beautiful Cosmos. Ivor is played by Sandy Grierson and Phyllis is played by Elicia Daly.

Like Bob Dylan, Ivor's brilliant song writing is sometimes hidden by an idiosyncratic delivery. James Fortune has arranged Ivor's songs for a small ensemble which have been specially recorded for Radio 3 by Julian Simmons.

Ivor's many characterisations were just seen as amusing when he appeared later in life on Andy Kershaw's Radio 1 show. In fact Ivor was already showing signs of the dementia that would engulf him. He once told Piers Plowright (who had produced him for Radio 3) 'My mind has been broken into.'

Ivor Cutler songs arranged by James Fortune.

The Band: James Fortune, Jo Apps, Nick Pynn, Pete Flood and Ed Gaughan.

Music recorded and mixed by Julian Simmons at Din Studios

Adaptation for radio by Sandy Grierson and Matt Thompson
Musical Director James Fortune
Director Matt Thompson
Rockethouse Productions Ltd.

Ivor Cutler Sandy Grierson
Phyllis King Elicia Daly

Actor Ed Gaughan
Adaptor Sandy Grierson

Adaptor Matt Thompson
Director Matt Thompson


03 Jul 16 21:00

The Ivor Cutler Story Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 [BBC Scotland Apr 02]

  1. A Stuggy Pren S01E01 (10.1Mb)
  2. A Stuggy Pren S01E02 (13Mb)
  3. A Stuggy Pren S01E03 (13Mb)
  4. A Stuggy Pren S01E04 (12.9Mb)
  5. A Wet Handle S01E01 (11.9Mb)
  6. A Wet Handle S01E02 (13.1Mb)
  7. A Wet Handle S01E03 (12.7Mb)
  8. A Wet Handle S01E04 (11.5Mb)
  9. A Wet Handle S01E05 (13.4Mb)
  10. Cutler The Lax S01E02 (12.1Mb)
  11. Cutler The Lax S01E03 (12.9Mb)
  12. Glasgow Dreamer 80th Birthday [BBC R4] (26.1Mb)
  13. Ivor Cutler At 90 [BBC R4 Archive Hour] (52.3Mb)
  14. Ivor Cutler BBC Radio Sessions 1 (75.3Mb)
  15. Ivor Cutler BBC Radio Sessions 2 (58.5Mb)
  16. Ivor Cutler's Little Squeaks & Creaks [BBC Scotland Comedy Zone] (19.4Mb)
  17. Jelly Mountain S01E01 (14.9Mb)
  18. Jelly Mountain S01E02 (14.1Mb)
  19. Jelly Mountain S01E03 (14.1Mb)
  20. Jelly Mountain S01E04 (12.5Mb)
  21. Jelly Mountain S01E05 (13.4Mb)
  22. King Cutler S01E01 (26.5Mb)
  23. King Cutler S01E02 (25Mb)
  24. King Cutler S01E03 (26.8Mb)
  25. King Cutler S01E04 (25.4Mb)
  26. King Cutler S01E05 (22.5Mb)
  27. King Cutler S01E06 (26.3Mb)
  28. King Cutler S01ETR Mark Radcliffe Intro (2.4Mb)
  29. Prince Ivor [BBC R3] (15.3Mb)
  30. Prince Ivor [Opera] (17Mb)
  31. Sweet Inspiration [BBC Radio Scotland 95] (27Mb)
  32. The Beautiful Cosmos Of Ivor Cutler (unknown file size)
  33. The Ivor Cutler Story Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol 2 [BBC Scotland Apr 02] (25.3Mb)

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