Jack Armstrong: The All-American Boy

Radio adventure series, 1933 to 1951
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"Jack Armstrong, Jack Armstrong, Jack Armstrong, Jack Armstrong the Alllllllllll American Boy" was your archetypal teenage athlete who encountered not so average adventures. Sponsored by General Mills, kids and pre-teens alike were instructed to tell their moms to buy Wheaties.

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Jack's companions, Billy and Betty Fairfield were often in need of rescue by the brave and daring All American Boy, Jack. Their Uncle Jim (Captain Fairfield) was a pilot of the Silver Albatross and led the adventurous group to locations around the world. Uncle Jim added a mature and fatherly component to the show guiding and instructing the Jack and his friends.
Though some episodes were so far-fetched to the point of being ridiculous, this is one of the most entertaining juvenile shows ever made. As crazy as some of the plots seem, the shows producers worked with anthropology professors to better understanding the local customs. In particular, a professor in Manila informed the show's writers of Philippine culture so there is some authenticity in Jack Armstrong's adventures.
From Morocco, to Zanzibar, to Easter Island, to China and the Philippines and from Nazi Germany, to the Ayndes, to Tibet, to becoming an ally of Blackbeard, Jack Armstrong, The All American Boy has seen it all.

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  1. S. S. Pelican Fire (3.5Mb)
  2. Jack to take line to Pelican (3.7Mb)
  3. Jack gets line to Pelican (3.4Mb)
  4. Rescue all pelican Crew (7.2Mb)
  5. Easter Island Adventure (3.6Mb)
  6. Uncle Jim's Office is Ramsacked (3.6Mb)
  7. Trailing Dirk to the Airport (3Mb)
  8. Plotting to Steal the Chart (3.2Mb)
  9. Dirk and Blackbeard Steal a Letter (3.5Mb)
  10. Flight ot San Francisco (3.5Mb)
  11. Strange Visitor on the Schooner (3.6Mb)
  12. Mysterious Token from Professor Loring (3.7Mb)
  13. Jack and Billy Escape from the Police (3.6Mb)
  14. Betty Hears Footsteps (3.5Mb)
  15. Blackbeard becomes and Ally (3.5Mb)
  16. Jack is Swept Overboard (3.6Mb)
  17. Fire Breaks out on the Spindrift (3.4Mb)
  18. Arriving in the Philippines (3.6Mb)
  19. Warning of the Power of the Ring (3.6Mb)
  20. Close to the Breakers (3.6Mb)
  21. Spindrift Rescued, Yates Escapes (3.7Mb)
  22. Jack and Billy Trail Yates (3.7Mb)
  23. Hostile Moros Attack the Vintas (3.6Mb)
  24. Protected by the Magic Ring (3.7Mb)
  25. Hostile Moros Attack the Village (3.8Mb)
  26. Spindrift Arrives in Manila (3.6Mb)
  27. Surprise Visit to the Black Shark (3.6Mb)
  28. Suspicious Message from Uncle Jim (3.6Mb)
  29. Searching for Uncle Jim (3.5Mb)
  30. Uncle Jim Outsmarts Blackbeard (3.5Mb)
  31. Back to the Spindrift (3.5Mb)
  32. Dr Shupato finds the Chart and Ring (3.5Mb)
  33. A Henchman Escapes with the Ring (3.6Mb)
  34. Jack and Billy are Captured (3.5Mb)
  35. Jack and Billy turn the Tables (3.5Mb)
  36. Pursued into the Jungle (3.5Mb)
  37. Car Stalls in the Stream (3.5Mb)
  38. On to the Land of the Headhunters (3.5Mb)
  39. Negritos with Poison Arrows Watch (3.5Mb)
  40. Car is Blockec by Landslide (3.5Mb)
  41. Slide sends Car down Mountainside (3.6Mb)
  42. Blackbeard is Climbing Down (3.6Mb)
  43. Jack, Billy and Michelle Persue (3.6Mb)
  44. Into an Abandoned Mine (3.5Mb)
  45. Escaping Through Tunnels (3.5Mb)
  46. Jack Waylays Luzaro and Shupato (3.6Mb)
  47. Into Head-hunter Country (3.7Mb)
  48. On thie Trail of Seargeant Romero (3.6Mb)
  49. Surronded by Head-hunters (3.6Mb)
  50. Trapped in the Cave of the Mummies (3.5Mb)
  51. A Stoneway on teh Spindrift (3.6Mb)
  52. Escape from Manila Bay (3.5Mb)
  53. Stalked by the Black Shark (3.7Mb)
  54. Fighting Off the Typhoon to Escape (3.5Mb)
  55. The Spindrift's Sail is Destroyed (3.5Mb)
  56. Safe Arrival in the Sulu Sea (3.5Mb)
  57. Preparing to Dive for the U-235 (3.5Mb)
  58. Driving to Search for the Ship (3.5Mb)
  59. Trapped in the Captain's Cabin (3.6Mb)
  60. Conclusion Escape with the Uranium (3.5Mb)
  61. A Clue to Professor Loring (3.5Mb)
  62. Spice Peddler has an Unusual Watch (3.6Mb)
  63. Yates the Traiter Returns (3.7Mb)
  64. Yates Searches the Spindrift (3.6Mb)
  65. Michelle is Kidnapped (3.6Mb)
  66. The Journey of the Jungle Trail (3.5Mb)
  67. Tribesmen Converge (3.5Mb)
  68. Tribebesmen Have Hostile Chief (3.5Mb)
  69. The Chief and the Talking Horse (3.5Mb)
  70. Who is thr Moro Peddler (3.5Mb)
  71. The Magic Horse Speaks Again (3.6Mb)
  72. Maula Leads the Search for Rifles (3.5Mb)
  73. Jack and Billy Decieve Persuers (3.6Mb)
  74. Attached by the Tamarou (3.6Mb)
  75. A Flashlight in the Darkness (3.6Mb)
  76. Yates Captures Betty and Billy (3.5Mb)
  77. Michelle is Sent for Help (3.6Mb)
  78. Climbing Toward the Guarded Cave (3.5Mb)
  79. Leading the Moro into a Trap (3.5Mb)
  80. A Serenity at the Entrance to Cave (3.5Mb)
  81. Into the Secret Tunnel (3.7Mb)
  82. Jack and Billy Meet a Stranger (3.6Mb)
  83. Finding Lt Rawlings in the Cave (3.8Mb)
  84. Trapped in teh Cave by Karang's Men (3.6Mb)
  85. Up the River after Professor Loring (3.7Mb)
  86. Jack rescues Whisper (3.6Mb)
  87. The Vinta is Stopped by teh Current (3.6Mb)
  88. A Hail of Stones and Arrows (3.5Mb)
  89. Planning to Confront the Medicine Man (3.6Mb)
  90. Planning to Enter the Temple of Kalana (3.6Mb)
  91. Entering the Temple of Kalana (3.6Mb)
  92. The Medecine Man Find the Radio (3.5Mb)
  93. Moro Messenger Brings Tidings (3.6Mb)
  94. FInding Professor Loring at Last (3.5Mb)
  95. Adventure of the Uranium Deposit (7Mb)
  96. Land of the Sky (4.1Mb)
  97. The Cave of the Glacier (3.5Mb)
  98. Stealing the Ruby (3.4Mb)
  99. Counterfeit Ration Stamps are Stolen (3.5Mb)
  100. Head Hunter's Start War (3.6Mb)
  101. Amphibian Fire over Jungle (3.6Mb)
  102. Spider's Lair spotted (3.6Mb)
  103. Betty and Billy in quicksand (3.6Mb)
  104. Diamonds in Spider's Plane (3.7Mb)
  105. The Mutineers (3.1Mb)
  106. Trial of the Silencer (7Mb)
  107. The Flying Saucer (3.5Mb)
  108. Clear the Tracks (7.2Mb)

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