The Jack Benny Program

Episodes of the long-running radio comedy show, from 1954 and 1955
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The Jack Benny Program, starring Jack Benny, is a radio-TV comedy series that ran for more than three decades and is generally regarded as a high-water mark in 20th-century American comedy.

These are episodes from the 1954-1955 season. This is one of a set of individual OTRR "Jack Benny - Single Episode" pages, from the Old Time Radio Researchers Group.

  1. JB 1954-09-26 First show of the season - Dennis is quitting (23.3Mb)
  2. JB 1954-10-03 Garden of Evil (23.4Mb)
  3. Polly Goes to the Shrink (6.8Mb)
  4. The Purple Pirate (6.7Mb)
  5. JB 1954-10-24 Jack, Don and Dennis go to the drive-in (23Mb)
  6. JB 1954-10-31 Jack tries to fire the Sportsmen (23.1Mb)
  7. Jack Sees a Doctor (6.7Mb)
  8. JB 1954-11-14 Dinner at Don's (23Mb)
  9. JB 1954-11-21 Jack is sick in bed (23Mb)
  10. JB 1954-11-28 Jack takes Dennis to the psychiatrist (22.8Mb)
  11. JB 1954-12-05 Jack buys oil paints for Don for Christmas (26.5Mb)
  12. JB 1954-12-12 A trip to Palm Springs (22.9Mb)
  13. JB 1954-12-19 Christmas in Palm Springs (23Mb)
  14. JB 1954-12-26 Jack visits a sick Dennis (22.5Mb)
  15. JB 1955-01-02 The Rose Bowl Parade - broadcast from New York (23.1Mb)
  16. JB 1955-01-09 Elephants' Graveyard (23.1Mb)
  17. JB 1955-01-16 No script (23.1Mb)
  18. JB 1955-01-23 A trip to the race track - Jack bets on Our Fancy (22.8Mb)
  19. JB 1955-01-30 Jack and Don go to the Beverly Wilshire Health Club (22.9Mb)
  20. JB 1955-02-06 Jack is insured by the sponsor for $1,000,000 (23.1Mb)
  21. JB 1955-02-13 No one remembers Jack's birthday (23Mb)
  22. The Beavers Do the Show (4.6Mb)
  23. JB 1955-02-27 Jack's TV breaks - he tries to get a new one (22.9Mb)
  24. The Life of Jack Benny (6.8Mb)
  25. Jack Tries to Sell the House (6.8Mb)
  26. JB 1955-03-20 Jury duty (22.8Mb)
  27. JB 1955-03-27 Shooting of Dan McGrew (22.8Mb)
  28. JB 1955-04-03 Ed comes up from the vault (22.9Mb)
  29. JB 1955-04-10 Easter Parade (22.9Mb)
  30. JB 1955-04-17 Guest Bob Hope - Bob and Jack double-date (23Mb)
  31. JB 1955-04-24 Jack rents his Maxwell to 20th Century Fox (22.8Mb)
  32. JB 1955-05-01 Jack's love letters - Jack buys a baseball team (22.8Mb)
  33. JB 1955-05-15 Jack paints the house - meets a friend at the train station (23.1Mb)
  34. JB 1955-05-22 Last radio broadcast - Twombly, the sound effects man, has difficulty (23Mb)

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