Jake Yapp Radio Leeds

Podcasts from Jake Yapp's BBC Radio Leeds Saturday show in 2012
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A collection of podcasts from Jake Yapp's Radio Leeds shows in 2012. The podcast represents the later part of the show's run as it finished at the end of the year, having started in September 2011.

Jake can now be found doing a number of successful podcasts which are linked through his site at jakeyapp.co.uk

  1. yapp 20120618-1015a (0.1Mb)
  2. yapp 20120701-1404a (18.9Mb)
  3. yapp 20120709-1230a (19.2Mb)
  4. yapp 20120716-1238a (13.7Mb)
  5. yapp 20120722-1351c (26.4Mb)
  6. yapp 20120730-1706a (18.8Mb)
  7. yapp 20120806-1442a (11.9Mb)
  8. yapp 20120819-1212a (17.5Mb)
  9. yapp 20120826-1114a (13.4Mb)
  10. yapp 20120902-1115a (18.9Mb)
  11. yapp 20120910-1729a (15.5Mb)
  12. yapp 20120916-1705a (22Mb)
  13. yapp 20120930-1322a (12.9Mb)
  14. yapp 20121014-1049a (13.9Mb)
  15. yapp 20121021-1136a (15.4Mb)
  16. yapp 20121029-1444a (20.4Mb)
  17. yapp 20121105-1635a (17.2Mb)
  18. yapp 20121111-1222a (13Mb)
  19. yapp 20121118-1024a (16.5Mb)
  20. yapp 20121125-1053a (14.9Mb)

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