Jane Eyre

Two-part dramatisation of the Charlotte Bronte novel
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Charlotte Bronte's most beloved novel - the iconic and dangerous love story starring Amanda Hale and Tom Burke

Award-winning writer Rachel Joyce adapts Charlotte Bronte's famous novel for BBC Radio 4 as part of this year's bicentenary celebrations of Bronte's birthday (21st April 1816).

This 10-part drama is a mix of romance, passion, injustice and danger all wrapped-up in a love story. Jane Eyre is arguably as relevant today as it was when it was published in 1847. It is an emotional rollercoaster of a story, which follows the experiences of the young title character.

Jane....Amanda Hale
Rochester....Tom Burke
Mrs Fairfax....Susan Jameson
Young Jane....Nell Venables
John Reed....Tom Taylor
Mrs Reed....Tracy Wiles
Bessie....Katie Redford
Brocklehurst....Gerard McDermott
Helen Burns....Rebecca Hamilton
Grace Poole....Debra Baker
Blanche Ingram....Evie Killip
Mason....Ewan Bailey
St John Rivers....George Watkins

Director/Producer/Tracey Neale for the BBC

  1. Part One Omnibus (60.8Mb)
  2. Part Two Omnibus (61Mb)
  3. Trailer (0.7Mb)

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